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10Mila 2012: Victory for Halden

Olav Lundanes decided 10Mila for Halden with an impressive performance at the last leg early this morning. Lundanes started the last leg 15 seconds behind Hans Gunnar Omdal, Kristiansand – but the World Champion on long distance from Trondheim in 2012 was simply stronger today, pulling away second by second.

– I tried to run up in the back of Omdal as fast as possible – I caught him already at the road right after the start, Olav Lundanes said after his race.

– Then I got a chance to get away direct to the 1st control when he [Omdal] took to the right, and I could get a gap direct, Lundanes continued.

– I did not run so well the first two controls, but then it went very well. But it was a tricky course – I had to concentrate all the way. I did two small mistakes, but the rest of the race was very good.

Thierry Gueorgiou, Kalevan Rasti, started the last leg in third spot 5 minutes behind Lundanes, but Lundanes never made mistakes big enough for Gueorgiou to have the chance to get closer.

Reset after “Långa”

As often is the case, the race was restarted for the top teams after the 4th leg – “Långa natten”. Olle Boström did a fantastic performance on this monsterleg just like last year – coming back at the front of a 12 men big field containing all the three big favourites Halden, Kristiansand and Kalevan Rasti.

1 Olle Boström Järla Orientering 1 308:19 0:00
2 Adam Kovacs OK Pan-Kristianstad 1 308:20 0:01
3 Daniel Wernersson Göteborg-Majorna OK 1 308:25 0:06
4 Espen Fiskum NTNUI 1 308:28 0:09
5 Jere Pajunen Kalevan Rasti 1 308:29 0:10
6 Vincent Coupat Halden SK 1 308:29 0:10
7 Sigge Lundedal OK Denseln 1 308:32 0:13
8 Christian Wiig Böen Kristiansand OK 1 308:37 0:18
9 Filip Dahlgren IFK Lidingös Skid o OK 1 308:46 0:27
10 Jan Troeng OK Linné 1 308:51 0:32
11 Jan Mrázek Stora Tuna OK 1 308:55 0:36
12 Fredrik Eliasson Halden SK 2 309:00 0:41

5th leg: Changes in the top

As often is the case, the 5th leg made for some bigger changes in the field. Halden’s Marcus Millegård does a good race and comes back in 2nd spot only 13 seconds behind Denseln. Kristiansand and Kalevan Rasti are left with a gap of around 1:40.

1 Erik Ivarsson Sandberg OK Denseln 1 363:51 0:00
2 Marcus Millegård Halden SK 1 364:04 0:13
3 Martin Härberg Järla Orientering 1 365:14 1:23
4 Andreas Höye Göteborg-Majorna OK 1 365:23 1:32
5 Asgeir Bakken Rognstad NTNUI 1 365:24 1:33
6 Antti Nurmonen Kalevan Rasti 1 365:27 1:36
7 Mats Dahlén Kristiansand OK 1 365:31 1:40
8 Tomas Stenström OK Linné 1 365:45 1:54
9 Hans Olof Amblie IFK Lidingös Skid o OK 1 365:45 1:54

6th leg: Kalevan Rasti looses the chance for victory

Kalevan Rasti never got closer than after the 5th leg. Jarkko Huovila lost more than 2 minutes – finishing the 6th leg at 3:49 behind. Halden increases the distance down to Kristiansand – now being at 1:57.

1 Emil Wingstedt Halden SK 1 414:21 0:00
2 Baptiste Rollier Kristiansand OK 1 416:18 1:57
3 Jarkko Huovila Kalevan Rasti 1 418:10 3:49

7th leg: Kristiansand getting closer with young Hubmann

On the 7th leg the young Hubmann-brother Martin makes contact for Kristiansand again. Running faster than Halden’s Mattias Karlsson in the end, Hubmann takes Kristiansand to a 1:12 gap after a best leg time by Hubmann. Prochazka for Kalevan Rasti looses another half minute – the gap now going up to 4:26.

1 Mattias Karlsson Halden SK 1 449:47 0:00
2 Martin Hubmann Kristiansand OK 1 450:59 1:12
3 Jan Prochazka Kalevan Rasti 1 454:13 4:26

8th leg: Holger Hott takes Kristiansand up in the top again

On the 8th leg Holger Hott took Kristiansand all the way into the absolute top again, finishing 5 seconds behind Halden after a best leg time by Hott – the second in a row by Kristiansand. Philippe Adamski (Kalevan Rasti) looses another minute – now this starts looking hopeless for Kalevan Rasti with top national team runners in both the Norwegian teams in the last two legs.

1 Magne Dæhli Halden SK 1 517:33 0:00
2 Holger Hott Kristiansand OK 1 517:38 0:05
3 Mats Troeng OK Linné 1 523:00 5:27
4 Philippe Adamski Kalevan Rasti 1 523:00 5:27

9th leg: Hubmann takes Kristiansand into the lead

On the 9th leg Daniel Hubmann takes Kristiansand all the way into the lead – 15 seconds ahead of Halden. Hubmann would usually have taken the last leg for Kristiansand, but due to injury problems he run the 9th leg. Fabian Hertner has decided the relay for Kalevan Rasti on the 9th leg earlier – but the Swiss is not in his best shape and lost some seconds to the lead instead of deciding the relay this year.

1 Danie Hubmann Kristiansand OK 1 560:22 0:00
2 Søren Bobach Halden SK 1 560:37 0:15
3 Fabian Hertner Kalevan Rasti 1 565:59 5:37

10th leg: Lundanes decides

Lundanes (Halden) caught Omdal (Kristiansand) direct after the start – and managed to get a gap already to the first control. The gap increased steadily all the way until the end – in the end finishing at 3:30. Even some small mistakes did not make it possible for Omdal to get closer.

Herrkavlen – Sträcka 10 – Finish
Namn Lag Totaltid Tid efter
1 Olav Lundanes Halden SK 1 650:01 0:00
2 Hans Gunnar Omdal Kristiansand OK 1 653:31 3:30
3 Thierry Gueorgiou Kalevan Rasti 1 655:04 5:03
4 Henrik Löfås OK Linné 1 665:20 15:19
5 Olle Kalered OK Denseln 1 665:49 15:48
6 Fredrik Johansson IFK Lidingös Skid o OK 1 666:22 16:21
7 Johan Runesson Göteborg-Majorna OK 1 667:50 17:49
8 Audun Weltzien IFK Göteborg 1 668:21 18:20
9 Scott Fraser Södertälje-Nykvarn OF 1 668:46 18:45
10 Anders Holmberg Järla Orientering 1 670:46 20:45

Relive all of the excitement: LiveBlog

Relive all of the excitement in the LiveBlog:

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  1. I missed this year’s race. Will it eventually be possible to view it free online?

    • Sometimes it has been possible to download the broadcast off Pirate Bay (don’t know of that was anything official or just a private initiative though). Maybe it may be possible to view it on Bambuser for free, though, as Bambuser was used for the broadcast this year.