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GBR WOC Selection Middle: Gueorgiou and Alexandersson


Two of the major favourites at the World Championships in Scotland in August used the Great Britain WOC selection races for part of their preparations. Thierry Gueorgiou was behind Norwegian Magne Dæhlie for most of the race, but took the victory after a strong finish. In the women’s race Alexandersson was in the lead from the first control until the finish – but in the end the gap down to Norway’s Mari Fasting was only 1:10.

The best British runners were Jessica Tullie in 4th at +4:28 in the women’s class and Graham Gristwood in 5th at +2:18 in the men’s class. The British WOC selection races continue with sprint and long distance this weekend.

Gueorgiou vs Dæhlie and Godager Kaas

Thierry Gueorgiou won 31 seconds ahead of Carl Godager Kaas  and Magne Daehli  with Edgars Bertuks  in 4th at 1:22. Edgars Bertuks finished only in 4th, mainly due to mistakes early in the race. The Latvian surprise World Champion from 2012 is however getting better and better, and he will definitely be one of the main favourites in Scotland based on how he has previously shown to be able to perform his best on THE day.

Thierry Gueorgiou won 14 of 26 legs and his only real mistake was at the 4th control where he lost 24 seconds to Dæhlie (see below). Carl Godager Kaas lost 7 seconds or less to the leg winner on all legs – that was least of all runners in this race.

Thierry Gueorgiou took the lead at the first control and stayed in front until control 3. The race lead then changed between Carl Godager Kaas, Magne Daehli and Gueorgiou. Thierry Gueorgiou finally took over the lead at control 23 of 25 controls after Dæhlie had made small mistakes both to the 18th and 23th (see below) – and kept it until the finish.

Thierry Gueorgiou had an estimated time loss of 29 seconds, the largest being 22 seconds (leg 4).No timelosses were found for Carl Godager Kaas based on the performance index. Magne Daehli had an estimated time loss of 26 seconds, the largest being 19 seconds (leg 18). Edgars Bertuks had an estimated time loss of 1:00, the largest being 38 seconds (leg 4).


Alexandersson vs Fasting and Billstam

Tove Alexanderssonwon 1:10 minutes ahead of Mari Fasting with Annika Billstam in 3rd at 1:37. Tove Alexandersson won 11 of 20 legs and did less than a minute of mistakes. Tove Alexandersson was in the lead all the way from the first control to the end of the race. Tove Alexandersson had an estimated time loss of 47 seconds, the largest being 25 seconds (leg 4). Mari Fasting had an estimated time loss of 54 seconds, the largest being 26 seconds (leg 18).

Annika Billstam had the most even race – losing 22 seconds or less to the leg winner on all legs – that was least of all runners in this race.

Map and course



1. Thierry Gueorgiou 30:19 (+0:00)
2. Carl Godager Kaas 30:50 (+0:31)
2. Magne Daehli 30:50 (+0:31)
4. Edgars Bertuks 31:41 (+1:22)
5. Vojtech Kral 32:20 (+2:01)
6. Graham Gristwood FVO 32:37 (+2:18)
7. Alasdair McLeod CLYDE 32:42 (+2:23)
8. Hector Haines INT 33:12 (+2:53)
9. Ralph Street SLOW 33:43 (+3:24)
10. Wojciech Kowalski 33:55 (+3:36)
11. Scott Fraser INT 33:57 (+3:38)
12. Luis Nogueira 34:00 (+3:41)
13. Bartosz Pawlak 34:16 (+3:57)
14. Andreu Blanes 34:17 (+3:58)
15. Matthew Speake EBOR 34:34 (+4:15)


1. Tove Alexandersson 32:21 (+0:00)
2. Mari Fasting 33:31 (+1:10)
3. Annika Billstam 33:58 (+1:37)
4. Jessica Tullie BASOC 36:49 (+4:28)
5. Lizzie Ingham 37:15 (+4:54)
6. Charlotte Watson EUOC 37:38 (+5:17)
7. Heidi Bagstevold 37:49 (+5:28)
8. Jolanta Kolosinska 38:35 (+6:14)
9. Fanni Gyurko FVO 39:57 (+7:36)
10. Ewa Gwozdz 42:29 (+10:08)
11. Paulina Faron 43:34 (+11:13)
12. Marina Garcia 44:15 (+11:54)
13. Iwona Wicha 45:19 (+12:58)
14. Toni O’Donovan OD 45:24 (+13:03)
15. Niamh O’Boyle 46:28 (+14:07)

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