Route To Christmas: Day 5 2023


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2023 is leg 7 in the women’s class of the MOC Championships Long distance 2023. Thanks a lot to Riccardo Scalet for the tip! This is tricky Karst-type terrain – which may feel a lot more challenging in the terrain than what you see on ...

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Route To Christmas: Day 4 2023


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2023 is from one of the hightlights on the international orienteering scene in 2023 – the long distance World Cup race in sandstone terrain in Czech Republic. Here we take a look at the 4th leg in the women’s course – the first real challenge on the ...

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Route To Christmas: Day 3 2023


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2023 is the longest leg in the Swiss Championships long distance in challenging Jura terrain. Thanks a lot to Christoph Salzmann for the tip! This is typical Jura terrain where the runnability may be variable, and especially where the ground is stony running may be slowed ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 2 2023


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas 2023 is from one of the largest competitions of the year – Jukola! The chosen leg is a common leg towards the end of the long night leg, the 3rd leg. At this time in the course, you are tired, and you probably want to ...

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Route To Christmas: Day 1 2023


The 17th edition of the traditional Route to Christmas here at World of O starts with a long leg from the Finnish Long Distance Orienteering Championships. Enjoy the challenges – just like the competitors! Your job in Route to Christmas is to take a good look at the day’s leg, decide which route ...

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EOC 2023 KO-Sprint: Maps and Results


Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the the European Championships (EOC) KO-Sprint in Vicenza, Italy – the last race in this year’s EOC and also in the 2023 World Cup . Both Kyburz and Alexandersson also won the overall World Cup with their good races this last World Cup ...

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EOC Sprint 2023: Maps, Results and Analysis


Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland) and Sara Hagström (Sweden) won the European Championships (EOC) Sprint in the historical city center of Verona, on a day were high speed and flawless orienteering was required in the relatively easy courses set in the flat terrain. In the men’s class, the battle for the gold ...

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EOC 2023: All You Need To Know


The European Orienteering Championships (EOC) starts off individual Sprint in Verona Italy on Wednesday October 4th – with qualification from 09:00 CET and the final from 14:30. The championships continues with Sprint Relay on Friday and KO-Sprint on Sunday. EOC 2023 is the second pure sprint EOC – after Switzerland in 2021 ...

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World Cup Czechia 2023 Long: BIG analysis Men

leg_03_.png (1)

The long distance competition in the sandstone area in Korce, Czechia offered many interesting routechoice legs in addition to tricky orienteering! Here we take a closer look at the decisive routechoice legs in the men’s course – read on to understand which controls were most challenging for the runners and ...

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