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World of O Ranking updated

Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli-Luder are still on top of the World of O Ranking after the first two WOC finals – long and middle. Excellent WOC performance with one gold and one silver has though brought Heli Jukkola a lot closer to Niggli-Luder in the womens class – and in the World of O Ranking over long distance, there is even a shared first place between Jukkola and Niggli-Luder. In the mens class, Matthias Merz has jumped up to second place in the total ranking after his impressive performance over the long distance on thursday – but due to his bronze over WOC long distance in 2006 and gold in 2005, Andrey Khramov has taken over the lead in the long distance ranking.

  • World of O Ranking – click the tabs to get to the womens ranking and rankings for long, middle and sprint.
  • Discussion about point calculations in World of O Ranking – please join in on the discussion about point calculation for the World of O Ranking. Based on comments, an evaluation will be made after this World Cup season, and the ranking formulas will be changed if this seems appropriate.

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