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Summer-O 2016: FIN5


Today’s event in the Summer-O 2016 series is FIN5 in Finland. FIN5 was organized close to Hamina in southeastern Finland from July 10th until July 16th 2016. Overall winners in FIN5 2016 were Frederic Tranchand (France) and Marika Teini* (Finland) Julia Novikova (Russia).  The terrain did offer quite a few routechoice alternatives due ...

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JWOC 2016 Relay: Maps and Results


Switzerland wins both relays with big margins. With this the Swiss junior athletes show that they are the best both physically and technically in Swiss Alpine terrain. On the Swiss winning team in the women’s class (see photo below by Remi Steinegger) Paula Gross started in 5th place. Sofie Bachmann ...

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JWOC 2016 Middle Men: GPS and Splits Analysis

plot (38)

Two runners had the speed to win the Middle distance at the Junior World Championships Middle 2016: Thomas Curiger and Joey Hadorn (both Switzerland). In the end Thomas Curiger (Switzerland) won the Junior World Championships Middle due to excellent orienteering combined with one of the highest running speeds in the start field. Only the ...

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JWOC 2016 Middle: Maps and Results


Another Swiss day at the Junior World Orienteering Championship at the middle distance: Gold for Simona Aebersold in the women’s class and Thomas Curiger in the men’s class.  In the women’s class Polish Aleksandra Hornik took a very popular silver medal with Swedish Johanna Öberg in third. In the men’s ...

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JWOC 2016 Middle Qual: Maps and Results


Switzerland and Norway with 12 runners to the A-final. Best ever JWOC middle qualification for Germany with 8 runners in the A-final. Turkey with their first ever runner in the A-final. These were some of the positive highlights in today’s Junior World Championships Middle Qualification in Ftan, Switzerland. Heat winners ...

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JWOC 2016 Long Women: GPS and Splits Analysis


The women’s class in the Junior World Championships (JWOC) Long distance 2016 featured decisive routechoice legs, big mistakes by top runners and drama. Below we take a look at the race from start to finish and take a look at all the decision points in the race. Anna Haataja (Finland) won ...

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JWOC 2016 Long Men: GPS and Splits Analysis


The men’s class in the Junior World Championships (JWOC) Long distance 2016 had many potential winners who had the speed to win the race, but of these nobody got through the race without technical mistakes.  As the following analysis will show, Swiss Joey Hadorn had so high running speed that he ...

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JWOC 2016 Long: Maps and Results


  Joey Hadorn (Switzerland) and Anna Haataja (Finland) took the Gold medals at today’s Junior World Championships Long distance in Engadin, Switzerland. A great day for Switzerland again with four medals of six possible! Same podium In the men’s class the medal podium at the long distance looks exactly like yesterday’s ...

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JWOC Sprint Men 2016: GPS and Split Analysis

plot (29)

Joey Hadorn (Switzerland) wins the Junior World Championships Sprint 2016 despite taking the wrong route choice on the long route choice leg, costing him 27(!) seconds to the fastest split time. The Swiss runner Hadorn takes the title due to high running speed and a consistent race (except for this long leg). ...

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