EOC 2016 Long Qual: Maps and Results


 [Updated with some GPS comparisons] Andreas Matthias Kyburz Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland), Magne Dæhlie (Norway), Milos Nykodym (Czech Republic), Svetlana Mironiva (Russia), Heidi Bagstevold (Norway) and Natalia Vinogradova (Russia) were the heat winners in today’s European Championships Long distance qualification. The athletes were met by (too) long courses in tough terrain with many ...

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EOC Sprint 2016: Maps and Results


[Updated with info about women’s medals] Matthias Kyburz and Judith Wyder gave Switzerland two GOLD medals in today’s European Championships Sprint after strong finishes on technical and hilly courses. In the men’s class Kyburz was behind until the very last controls – and until the very last meters of Kyburz’s ...

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EOC 2016 Sprint Qual: Map and Results


Martin Regborn (Sweden), Gustav Bergman (Sweden), Matthias Kyburz (Switzerland), Judith Wyder (Switzerland), Elena Roos (Switzerland) and Nadiya Volynska (Ukraine) won the qualification heats in today’s European Championships Sprint Qualification. The A-Finals start from 16:00 CET. See more information about how to follow the race live here. Good qualifier, really looking ...

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EOC 2016: All You Need To Know


Live TV streaming: The European Championships in Orienteering (EOC) starts off with a sprint weekend the coming weekend – with Sprint Relay on Saturday and Sprint qualification and final on Sunday.   On Monday the athletes move into the forest in long distance orienteering mode with long qualification on Monday and long ...

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10Mila 2016: Maps, Results & Story


OK Pan Århus won the women’s relay at 10Mila 2016 after a tight finish between OK Pan Århus’s Maja Alm and Nydalen SK’s Anne Margrethe Hausken. Södertälje-Nykvarn (SNO) won an equally tight finish in the men’s class – Jonas Leandersson deciding on the very last meters in the run-in against last ...

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10Mila 2016: All You Need To Know!


One of the main highlights of the spring season is coming up on Saturday & Sunday morning: 10Mila in Falun, Sweden. With increased focus on high quality webTV broadcast this year, spectators both at home and on the arena in Sweden can expect highly entertaining competitions.  The start for the men’s relay ...

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WCup Sprint Relay Poland: Maps and Results


Switzerland won the World Cup Sprint relay ahead of Sweden with reigning World Champion Denmark in third place. Switzerland’s Judith Wyder – yesterday’s winner – started best on the first leg and took Switzerland to a 3 second lead ahead of Russia’s Natalia Vinogradova. Sweden’s Lina Strand was 8 seconds ...

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WCup Poland Sprint: Maps and Results


[Updated with high quality maps and split time analysis] Swiss success at the World Cup Sprint in Poland today: Judith Wyder and Matthias Kyburz took the victories in a technical city sprint in Wroclaw.  Reigning World Champion Jonas Leandersson (Sweden) had the fastest start of the race, and had a ...

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Moved to new server – News.WorldofO.com has been unstable


The news-part of WorldofO.com – news.worldofo.com – has moved to a new server due to some instability the last days with the current hosting company. Sorry for the inconvenience – everything should be up is up and running a lot smoother than ever within the end of the day. During the transition to ...

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