CISM Middle: Tsvetkov and Riabkina fastest


On a strong Russian day Dmitriy Tsvetkov and Tatyana Riabkina were fastest at Middle distance at the 6th CISM World Games in Korea today. As always the start field was very strong in the men’s class, with multiple world champions Andrey Khramov and Matthias Kyburz finishing second and third. Terrain and ...

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Quick GPS-analysis of Arosa WCup Sprint Relay

img_9 (1)

Sprint Relay means high-speed combination of forking and routechoices – and usually very few know which routechoices were fastest – and how the relay was decided in the end. The Arosa World Cup Sprint Relay had the same elements – below some of the most interesting legs in the relay are ...

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World Cup Sprint Relay: Switzerland dominated!


Switzerland won the final Sprint Relay World Cup race of the season – but Denmark managed a 6th place on a bad day and took the overall World Cup. Switzerland was the strongest team today – and especially the strong races by the men Matthias Kyburz and Martin Hubmann on the 2nd ...

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World Cup Final Middle: Taylor and Hubmann


The tricky orienteering in the slopes of Arosa made the World Cup final middle distance a very interesting race. Many of the top favourites struggled – especially in the women’s class. The mix of open areas and forested areas was a big challenge for the runners.   In the end ...

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World Cup Final Long: GPS and Splits Analysis

img_3 (1)

Daniel Hubmann and Anne Margrethe Hausken Nordberg both did impressive races and won clear victories in the World Cup final long distance in Arosa, Switzerland. Even if the courses offered some interesting longer routechoice legs, execution proved to be more important than choice of route on most of the legs ...

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World Cup Final 2015: All You Need To Know!


[LIVE webTV + GPS-tracking: Long Friday, Middle Saturday, Sprint Relay Sunday] Arosa in the Swiss Alps welcomes the world orienteering elite to the World Cup Final the coming weekend from Friday October 2nd until Sunday October 4th.  The start field in the World Cup final is one of the best we ...

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Euromeeting Forest Races: On the way to WOC 2017


Some interesting routechoices were offered at Euromeeting’s forest races this weekend – long on Saturday and middle on Sunday. Euromeeting in Otepää, Estonia this weekend offered a good opportunity to get to know the terrain type for athletes targeting the World Orienteering Championships in 2017 in Estonia. The very varied runnability – ...

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Euromeeting Sprint: Sild and Ohlsson


Sweden’s Karolin Ohlsson and Estonia’s Timo Sild were fastest at the Sprint on the first day of Euromeeting 2015 in Otepää, Estonia. The runners were met by a course which had more characteristics of a terrain sprint than what you usually meet in international orienteering. The first and last part ...

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Euromeeting 2015: All You Need To Know!


Good start field, LIVE GPS-tracking and results and WOC 2017 relevant terrain: Euromeeting offers three World Ranking races in Otepää in the WOC 2017 country Estonia. Sprint Friday, Long Saturday and Middle Sunday – with around 180 starters. Due to the relevance for WOC in 2017, several federations and young promising athletes ...

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Do we need control features in sprint orienteering?


– And if we have this dot, I wonder do we actually need the feature, Routegadget asks on Facebook. – Wouldn’t sprint be better without control descriptions? Following up on yesterday’s post on clarification dots: Do we need control features in sprint orienteering, or could we put that dot anywhere? ...

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