Finally: All maps from WMOC in Australia online

Posted by Jan Kocbach, 19 Oct 2009@22:00

Sandstones are always popular among orienteers. Not only because they are nice to look at, but also because they make interesting orienteering problems. One of the most popular place to find sandstone orienteering in Europe is in Czech Republic – the participants in the World Masters Orienteering Champs in Australia also got their dose of Sandstone orienteering the last week. Maps from all races are now finally online in Routegadget (see links below).

From the terrain description for the long distance:

All long distance events will be held in predominantly gully spur terrain with some areas of sandstone rock outcrops. Vegetation is open eucalypt forest with very little undergrowth. Visibility will be very good and runnability will be fast. There are some steeper areas but most of the terrain has gentle slopes.

Screenshot from the WMOC 2009 webpage.

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