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Portugal O-Meeting: Gueorgiou and Niggli on top

[Updated with map] Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli are on top of the results list after the World Ranking event over middle distance in the big season opening in Portugal O-Meeting 2010. At yesterday’s long distance (which was not a World Ranking event) Daniel Hubmann and Helena Jansson were on the top of the result list – today Jansson became second and Hubmann is listed as mispunched.


Above you see part of the map from Day 1 of Portugal O-meeting (from Olle Boström). Below are links to maps from both Day 1 and Day 2 of Portugal O-Meeting 2010.

Results Men

thierrygueorgiou_WOC2009MiddleFinal 5_s

1 Thierry Gueorgiou FRA 31:00 1365
2 Emil Wingstedt SWE 31:38 1335
3 Fabian Hertner SUI 31:41 1332
4 Carl Waaler Kaas NOR 32:07 1312
5 Olle Boström SWE 32:27 1296
=6 Tero Föhr FIN 32:30 1294
=6 Leonid Novikov RUS 32:30 1294
8 Francois Gonon FRA 32:36 1289
=9 Philippe Adamski FRA 32:37 1288
=9 Mikhail Mamleev ITA 32:37 1288

Results Women

simoneniggli_WOC2009LongFinal 2_s

1 Simone Niggli-Luder SUI 31:58 1399
2 Helena Jansson SWE 32:44 1368
3 Julia Novikova RUS 34:52 1283
4 Celine Dodin FRA 35:16 1267
5 Ida Bobach DEN 35:50 1244
6 Lina Persson SWE 36:08 1232
7 Sara Lüscher SUI 36:32 1216
8 Anne Margrethe Hausken NOR 36:51 1203
9 Angela Wild SUI 36:53 1202
=10 Eva Juřeníková CZE 37:01 1197
=10 Lina Strand SWE 37:01 1197

Taking over after Spring Cup

Portugal O-Meeting seems to have managed to take over Sprint Cup’s position as the international season opening for the orienteering elite (although Sprint Cup still has a quality field). The highest scored World Ranking points ever was at POM 2007 by Thierry Gueorgiou with 1516 points. Damien Renard (2nd, 1473 points) has the third highest World Ranking score ever from the same event. Simone Niggli scored the 4th highest World Ranking points in 2009 at POM 2009.

Gueorgiou scored 1365 points for his victory at POM 2010 whereas Niggli scored 1399 points for her victory. Very good point scores for both of them!

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