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Spring Cup: Map and Results

Two times Switzerland in Spring Cup: Daniel Hubmann and Vroni König-Salmi won the classic distance in Spring Cup 2010 today. Below you get link to replay of the TracTrac tracking, maps and results.

Hubmann had more than two minutes down to number two – Woijech Kowalski (Poland) starting two minutes ahead of Hubmann. Third and fourth were further Swiss runners – Baptiste Rollier and Matthias Merz. In the womens class, Danish Maja Alm was very close to König-Salmi – the two being far ahead of the rest of the field.

Map and courses

The courses had quite a few controls in dark green areas – making the courses technically challenging. However, running speed was important as always in Spring Cup. The ideal route choice was mostly close to the line – the winner of the mens class Daniel Hubmann did seldom depart much from the straight line between the controls (see the TracTrac replay to see Hubmann’s route along with 9 other men and the route of 5 women provided by TracTrac). Above you see a scaled-down version of the mens course from the classic distance. Here are further maps:


1 1089 Daniel Hubmann 83 NOR-Kristiansand OK Elite 59:51
2 1088 Wojciech Kowalski 82 SWE-OK Orion 1:01:56
3 1086 Baptiste Rollier 82 NOR-Kristiansand OK Elite 1:02:09
4 1087 Matthias Merz 84 FIN-Rajamäen Rykmentti 1:03:04
5 1083 Olav Lundanes 87 NOR-Halden Skiklubb 1:03:17
6 1090 Martins Sirmais 82 FIN-Turun Metsänkävijät 1:04:13
7 1085 Kiril Nikolov 82 NOR-Halden Skiklubb 1:04:15
8 1100 Tero Föhr 80 FIN-Vehkalahden Veikot 1:05:02
9 1097 Jani Lakanen 76 FIN-Vaajakosken Terä 1:05:47
10 1098 Christian Bobach 00 SWE-IFK Göteborg 1:06:13

1 2090 Vroni König-Salmi 69 FIN-Turun Suunnistajat 52:05
2 2086 Maja Alm 88 SWE-Ulricehamns OK 52:40
3 2087 Iveta Duchova 86 SWE-OK Linné 55:35
4 2024 Daria Lajn 88 SWE-Nybro OK 56:07
5 2089 Jenny Johansson 77 SWE-Ulricehamns OK 56:09
6 2085 Rahel Friedrich 86 SWE-Leksands OK 57:24
7 2031 Masha Semak 85 DEN-Farum Tisvilde OK 57:57
8 2082 Kajsa Nilsson 82 NOR-Halden Skiklubb 58:19
9 2084 Marika Teini 89 FIN-Rasti-Lukko 58:44
10 2083 Seline Stalder 84 NOR-Bækkelagets Sportsklub 59:16

Photo: Spring Cup 2010

  • Friday March 26th 2010: Night Relay/Sprint, Hornbæk Plantage
  • Saturday March 27th 2010: Long WRE, Gribskov North/Gribskov Mårum
  • Sunday March 28th 2010: Relay, Gribskov Mårum

For classic and relay part of the Gribskov area is used – you find old maps from Gribskov here.

Relay training

Many clubs use Spring Cup as part of their training for the big relays 10Mila and Jukola. As a consequence of this, Spring Cup now has two relays on the program: A night relay on Friday evening and the traditional day relay on Sunday. Some runners will even skip the individual race on Saturday, and only run the two relays (e.g. Anne Margrethe Hausken according to OPN.no).

Results and maps

We will try to deliver maps and results from the events during the weekend. If you don’t find anything at the front page of World of O, take a look here:

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