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MOC Day 2 & SpringCup Long: Maps and Results

Olav Lundanes and Signe Søes took the victories on the long distance race at Spring Cup today. Lundanes took the victory two minutes ahead of Francois Gonon with Runesson in third. Søes was two minutes ahead of Maja Alm with Annika Rihma in third. Note also Ida Bobach, winning D19-20E with 12 minutes!

Note! This article is according to unofficial results! It will be updated if the official results are different!


Here you find maps from the MOC and Spring Cup races so far this weekend.

Spring Cup 2011

This weekend we have the traditional Nordic season opening in Denmark – Spring Cup – with a night relay today, a classic race Saturday and a relay on Sunday.

Men Saturday Long (unofficial results – from live results)
1 Olav Lundanes NOR-HaldenSK 1:12:17
2 Francois Gonon SWE-IFK Göteborg 1:14:27
3 Johan Runesson SWE-Göteborg-Majorna OK 1:15:24
4 Gernot Kerschbaumer SWE-OK Pan Kristianstad 1:15:54
5 Claus Hallingdal Bloch SWE-OK Pan Kristianstad 1:16:08
6 Søren Bobach NOR-HaldenSK 1:17:11
7 Adam Kovacs SWE-OK Pan Kristianstad 1:17:37
8 Rasmus Djurhuus NOR-Kristiansand OK 1:18:04
9 Søren Schwartz SWE-IFK Göteborg 1:18:07
10 Vincent Coupat NOR-HaldenSK 1:18:50

Women Saturday Long (unofficial results – from live results)
1 Signe Søes SWE-IFK Lidingö 0:56:50
2 Maja Alm SWE-Ulricehamns OK 0:58:13
3 Annika Rihma DEN-Farum Tisvilde OK 0:59:07
4 Ida Marie Næss Bjørgul NOR-HaldenSK 1:00:26
5 Celine Dodin NOR-HaldenSK 1:00:49
6 Galina Vinogradova NOR-HaldenSK 1:01:27
7 Lina Strand SWE-Göteborg-Majorna OK 1:01:50
8 Hollie Orr NOR-HaldenSK 1:02:30
9 Léa Vercellotti NOR-HaldenSK 1:06:27
10 Signe Klinting SWE-Ulricehamns OK 1:07:48

MOC 2011

Gabriele Viale has again managed to attract several of the top elite runners to the Mediterranean Open Championships (MOC) in southern Italy– this time three of the big sprint favourites for WOC in France were fighting for the top positions in the mens class – Kvaal Østerbø, Hubmann and Jerker Lysell who finished fourth today. Strong runners like Annika Billstam and Lena Eliasson are on the startlist in the womens class- finishing second and fourth today, respectively.

MOC 2011 consists of three events:

  • Friday 25th March – 1st stage in Castelvetrano district
  • Saturday 26th March – 2nd stage in Gibellina
  • Sunday 27th March – 3rd stage in Selinunte/Castelvetrano

Results men
1. Weltzien Audun H. NOR 17.18
2. Lysell Jerker SWE 17.50
3. Gvildys Jonas Vytau LTU 18.25
4. Osterbo Oystein Kva NOR 18.59
5. Tenani Alessio ITA 19.03
6. Bostrom Marten FIN 19.49
7. Seppi Marco ITA 19.51
8. Lombriser Stefan SUI 20.16
9. Corona Emiliano ITA 20.17
10. Negrello Manuel ITA 20.38

Results women
1. Eliasson Lena SWE 16.47
2. Billstam Annika SWE 17.34
3. Rollins Sarah GBR 17.54
4. Egseth Elise NOR 18.33
5. Friederich Rahel SUI 18.41
6. Wild Angela SUI 18.51
7. Brodmann Ines SUI 20.16
8. Johansson Emma SWE 20.28
9. Guizzardi Michela ITA 20.33
10. Olsson Johanna SWE 20.37

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