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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 24 2012

The last day! Can you manage this tricky one as well? Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Estonia!

Looks like Estonia was not the easiest one for you – on the other hand quite a few got it correct. The marsh was one small help – I nearly skipped it but found out I would help you that much. On the other hand I could have given you a lot more marshes to make it easier…

Still 23 out of 23 for Gigison and Timo Sild – good work – one day left!

Some comments:

  • I was thinking about Ukraine or Estonia – so at least one marsh on the map – must be Estonia.Easy for Timo!!!! Its raining outside – so I could not sleep and we should have Austrian ranking in skio – will be like water skiing. Nice greetings to all of you. Tommorow final day….Santa Jan is already on the way to all worldofo readers with nice surprises… [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Wolfgang, you got it again! 20 correct now (or 21? Only 20 on this e-mail address at least)]
  • I think this looks like Denmark, but I am not sure… [Guess: Denmark. Godo try Arveo, but map drawing style and the type of marsh pointed more towards Balticum I think?]
  • This was easy, so near from my home country;) [Guess: Estonia. Good for you, Eemeli:)]
  • Been there, done that! [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Kerstin – nice terrain I am sure!]
  • I agree with you that it is tricky, but must say that it was :) this seems to be very interesting terrain… [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Radjoni – you got it anyway!]
  • I grew up not far from this place. [Guess: Estonia. Great Timo – so now you have 23 of 23. Can you manage number 24 as well??? Not that close to your home place I think.]
  • Rides! terrain structure! but few marshes? Still Estonia. [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Cha, you got it! Sure you’ve got some maps from Estonia lying around as well:)]
  • It’s like in Finland so it has to be close. [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Jokuja, you got it!]
  • Belarus or Estonia….Estonia! [Guess: Estonia. Lucky there, Alessio!]
  • Been there, done that :) At first i recognized estonian handwriting, then had to find the map for safety. [Guess: Estonia. Good work, Tunis!]
  • An easy Christmas gift – South Estonia, I’ve run there once in 1981, even one of the controls was in the same small depression over the green area:) Of course it looks quite different now… All in all typical terrain for Baltics, you could find the same in Latvia or my home country Lithuania. [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Jurgis – good for you to be close!]
  • At the first look I thought about Sweden and area somewhere around this year EOC. But this is not Sweden again :) I’m wondering whether Sweden could be the last map of the quiz… ;)) [Guess: Estonia. Thanks Vladyslav – could maybe be Sweden? I’ll say nothing…]
  • Bit tricky, yes it surely was. My impression has been that some maps from the Baltic often drawn without index contour. Finally I found the terrain near the village Tsooru altough I can not find the very map Jan picked the sample from. [Guess: Estonia. Your seach was fruitful again, Tibor!]
  • Think sweden, maybe somewhere around Mora ? [Guess: Sweden. Sorry Jonas, but not Sweden this time either… ]
  • it really looks like portuguese forest, but the marshes there…hum, maybe some mountry more northerly. Den, Swe? I’ll try Poland, some forest around Warsaw [Guess: Poland. You have got a lot of different terrain in Portugal – this was quite far away, Mariana!]
  • Even if I didn’t know the map name at first, I immediately recognised the mapping style that feels so familiar to me. [Guess: Estonia. You got it, Marek!]
  • Next year I’ll have to start being smart from beginning of quiz champs :D . This is Estonia. [Guess: Estonia. Hehe, we’ll see if I’ll do this next year as well, Osamoborac. December is a quite busy month for me now…]
  • Two guess went wrong even I had recently rÃ¥n those Forests. This however is not familiar lets say lithuania. [Guess: Lithuania. Sorry, Saku, but you were close!]
  • It looks kinda Estonian. [Guess: Estonia. Correct Markus!]
  • For the first time I thought that this is Sweden, Dalarna region, but than I remember that I run on this map [Guess: Estonia. Easy when you’ve been there, blazomaxa!]
  • Merry Christmas, Jan:-) [Guess: Poland. Merry Christmas to you too, Trond Ivar, but the country was wrong…]
  • Denmark, again? Maybe it’s Polish either. Could be anywhere I guess, even Sweden. [Guess: Australia. Sorry Colm, you’ve got to get more around traveling. Could not be anywhere :)]
  • Hesitating between Poland and Estonia. [Guess: Estonia. Congratulations, Eva – on time, and correct!]

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 23 – here is the overview over tips:

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