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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Solution Day 24 2012

We finished our journey in the neighbour country of where we started: Portugal. Although we travelled away from the mainland and out to Madeira. Thanks a lot for following on this exciting journey to 24 countries in the WoO Christmas O-Quiz! Who knows, I might even repeat this crazy adventure next year as well!

No Internet except on my old nokia phone today, so no long explanations. I will try to sum up when I am back in the internet world. I am very impressed by our two winners – Gigison and Timo – both with 24 of 24 – congratulations!

I try to paste in your last comments here (uncommented by me as I do not have the patience to write – thanks a lot for them all!)

  • Maybe Cappadocia in Turkey? [Guess: Turkey. Thanks Marg (Mugwump)]
  • WOW, very nice & tricky…First I tought of Canada, but open area gives me a hint, the
    good one.. I’m sorry that quiz finished, tnx for great time & good map choices :) [Guess:
    Portugal. Thanks Radjoni]
  • Merry christmas to all of you, especially to you, Jan – time to fly to an Island – escape
    from cold winter in Austria (15 degrees now in Graz) – I suggest Madeira, Wolfgang [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Wolfgang Pötsch]
  • This must be from the korvatunturi where the O-santa lives :) [Guess: Finland.
    Thanks JanneT]
  • Looks quite like UK terrain but mapping style does not fit, and is that a ski lift going
    across the top of the picture? We’ve had switzerland and Austria so I’m going to guess
    Italy? Fabulous series, Thanks Jan [Guess: Italy. Thanks cha]
  • Madeira [Guess: Portugal. Thanks pchr]
  • hope to see an italian map next year! [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Riccardo S]
  • Thank you for this quiz and all the great work all year round. Your work is much
    appreciated here in Latvia! [Guess: New Zealand. Thanks Janis]
  • nice game! i really had fun even if some days i was so angry ;) Merry Xmas and
    Happy new year!!! [Guess: Portugal. Thanks T.Scalet]
  • And last a map I’ve been on again :) This is Caniçal, the east horn of Maderira. Cool
    terrain, but the map is a little bit old. I were there during a heavy rain, so were not
    possible to run :( This course is from Thierry, and MOF 2009, day 1 :) [Guess: Portugal.
    Thanks JH]
  • Thank You for this interesting exercise! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Timo Sild]
  • Madeira! [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Gurvas]
  • I made it! It’s far away from Portugal, but still Portugal ;-) And if Timo makes it also
    (what I believe he will) congrats to Timo. Marry Christmas to you all. [Guess: Portugal.
    Thanks Gigison]
  • Jan has not written the usuasl phrase “this is characteristic for part of the country”.
    It could be Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Turkey, Italy or France. Not to mention countries which have already have got their day. First, I am glad I did not grow up near to this
    place. Where is the forest ? Second, there is half a meter snow i the driveway and a
    Christmas tree to decorate. So there is now time to browse around half the globe for me
    today. What do I do then ? I crowdsource it to the rest of the family ! The answer comes
    from Ingunn: Madeira. Thanks Jan for this challange. Finally Christmas is here. [Guess:
    Portugal. Thanks Tibor]
  • Today it took exactly 1 second – it’s again the map where I ran – first day of MOF
    2009 in Canical, Madeira. Merry Christmas and thanks for nice game! [Guess: Portugal.
    Thanks Jurgis]
  • At the beginning i was thinking about Portgual, but as there are thousand of maps
    then firstly i tried to look for other countries.. I couldnt believe my eyes when i found it
    at the end of the 1st page of portugal maps. It was easy one! Merry Christmas! :) [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Kerstin]
  • Thanks for this nice game, Jan! It’s been a lot of fun! ;) [Guess: Portugal. Thanks
  • Knew that it’s on island, but first thought it’s Ireland. Found out it’s small island in
    Atlantic Ocean, Madeira, Portugal Thanks for nice quiz during this month Jan. Merry
    Christmas everyone! [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Osamoborac]
  • the hardest one for me! [Guess: New Zealand. Thanks David Saianda]
  • Looks british, Wales maybe? But you say tricky!!! And my son (Gigison) means
    Portugal. Portugal really? Yes,Pico da Urze Madeira Islands. Good son, 24 points and a
    glass of port for him! Thanks for the quiz and merry christmas to everybody! [Guess:
    Australia. Thanks Gigi]
  • Very funny and tricky quiz. It’s hard to understand how it is possible to get 24 right countries… Thank you, Jan:-) [Guess: Cayman Islands. Thanks Trond Ivar Tømmervold]
  • This was quite difficult, but maybe Madeira. Thanks for the best xmas calendar I’ve
    ever had; I checked the right answer every day first in the morning;) Merry Christmas!
    [Guess: Portugal. Thanks eemeli]
  • Thanks for this game, helpful to know some new nice maps! 23/24, missing ony
    USA map…A good excuse to visit this place soon or later :) Merry Christmas Jan!!! [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Alessio Tenani]
  • Merry Christmas! [Guess: Turkey. Thanks saku]
  • It’s hilly, a lot of open area, fences through hills? Now I just make a wild guess.
    [Guess: Great Britain. Thanks jokuja]
  • Madeira, an easy one. [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Lars Svantesson]
  • X-mas present: TG on Madeira island! Thanks Jan for your excellent work. Lots of interesting discussions…. [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Fritz]
  • Merry Christmas :) I have no idea about maps in Cayman Islands [Guess: Cayman
    Islands. Thanks Mariana]
  • Not Sweden again, right? :)) Jan, thanks a lot for this three weeks fun! You’re doing
    great job with your site. Wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of energy in coming New
    Year! ;) [Guess: Portugal. Thanks Vladyslav Laskarzhevsky]
  • It was expected that must be one Portugal map, and it was easy to understand
    open sandy areas forms which you can find only on south. [Guess: Portugal. Thanks
  • Madeira. [Guess: Portugal. Thanks evaju]
  • Tricky one. Strange terrain. I have seen the map, but where? Could be Wales,
    Ireland, South Africa, Hong-Kong… Oh yes, Madeira! Than you Jan for a very interresting Quiz and a fantastic O-site. [Guess: Portugal. Thanks cha]

Here is the overview over yesterday’s guesses:

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