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Smålandskavlen: Maps and Results

IFK Lidingö and OK Pan Århus took the victories in Smålandskavlen after very tight and exciting last legs.

In the mens class Lidingö’s Fredrik Johansson won with a gap of 39 seconds down to Södertälje-Nykvarn’s Jonas Leandersson. Of four teams starting together on the last leg, Kalevan Rasti’s Thierry Gueorgiou finished in 4th place – nearly two minutes down from Johansson. Anton Östlin run Malung in to a third place.

After taking the Jukola relay this spring – Emma Klingenberg decided another last leg for OK Pan Århus at Smålandskavlen. Göteborgs-Majorna with Anne Forsberg started nearly 1:30 behind out on the last leg – but in the end managed to push the gap down to 19 small seconds – still enough for the Danish girls to celebrate yet another relay victory. OK Tisaren (Lillian Forsgren) finished 3rd more than 3 minutes behind.

Maps & GPS-tracking


Johansson (IFK Lidingö) got the decisive gap to Södertälje-Nykvarn and Malung towards the end of the course (see map above)  – having a different forking and executing the leg in a good way. Gueorgiou (Kalevan Rasti) had already lost nearly a minute earlier in the course, and was not anymore part of the leading group.

In the women’s class Klingenberg (OK Pan-Århus) did several mistakes of nearly a minute – see two of them below at control 6 and 7 – but her speed was generally higher. The mistake at control 13 was nearly enough to let Forsberg get past – but Klingenberg managed to keep ahead – and her finish sprint was excellent as always.



See maps/GPS-tracking below:


1) Pan Århus, Danmark (Signe Klinting, Stine Bagger Hagner, Maja Alm, Emma Klingenberg),
2) Göteborg-Majorna (Viktoria Ernstsson, Emma Bergman, Jennie Runesson, Anna Forsberg), +0.19,
3) Tisaren (Rebecka Nylin, Andrea Svensson, Helena Andersson, Lilian Forsgren), +3.39,
4) Halden, Norge, +6.05,
5) Hiisirasti/Rastikarhut, Finland +6.20

1) Lidingö (Anders Carlsson, Filip Dahlgren, Niklas Serrander, Öystien Kvaal Österbö, Fredrik Johansson),
2) Södertälje Nykvarn (Kent Ohlsson, Pavlo Ushkvarok, Erik Liljequist, Scott Fraser, Jonas Leandersson) +.0.39,
3) Malung (David Andersson, Thomas Carlsson, Johan Lindberg, Jakob Lööf, Anton Östlin), +0.49,
4) Kalevan Rasti, Finland, +1.57,
5) Halden, Norge, +11.04)

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