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Course of the Year 2013: Finland …

… has a central place in the Top 10 list in the 2013 edition of “Course of the Year” – with (at least) 4 courses in the Top 10. The winner in “Course of the Year 2013″ will be revealed as soon as the interview with the course setter is ready ; today the places 4 to 10 are revealed.

In 4th spot we find WOC Sprint – probably the most artificially built “WOC terrain” in history – with 616 meters of fences set up just for this race. Further down on the Top 10 list we find two more WOC races (middle qualification and final), Antalya O-days, JWOC middle and Kratov’s O-Labyrinth.

Curious about Top 3? Wait and see!

Course of the Year 2013: Results
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4. WOC Sprint Men
9670 points

Comment: There is no arguing that lot of work was put into the WOC sprint course. In addition to the usual course setting, there were total of 47 fences which made total length of 616 meters. Siegfried Bakelants suggested this course, and his comment was that “Because this is the beginning of the Belgians in orienteering! Yannick Michiels gave Belgium the best result ever in a WOC and more Belgians will follow the next years and do even better!”

5. WOC Middle Qual Men Heat 3
9270 points

Comment: This was one of the most interesting races at WOC – a bigger challenge than many suspected. The mistakes made to the first control were extraordinary. There was also a good combination between easier and tricky legs in the remainder of the course. Daniel Roos suggested this course, and his comment was: ” suggest WOC middle qualifier for its technical terrain and nice courses, a shame that the final didnt go in that area”.

6. Antalya O-Days 3 – M21E
9090 points

Comment: The terrain was epic – and this course has several interesting route choices and a good mix of different types of legs – but I guess it is the terrain which makes this course go all the way up to a 6th place.Riccardo Scalet suggested this course – and described both the terrain as the course as funtastic.

7. JWOC Middle 2013 M20
7540 points

Comment: A great course in a fantastic area – but it maybe misses a longer leg with real route choice options to change the rhythm for the runners? Matija Razum suggested this course – and his commet was “Finals started on even more trickier part, controls somewhere between many big stones. Continued with fast part and then at the end again same thing as in Q. Both course and terrain were amazing.”

8. Kratovs O-Labyrinth
6890 points

Comment: This o-technical training is in a different league than the other courses – but it is one of the most fun o-trainings I saw this year. Jissbacke suggested this course with the comment “My suggestion is O.Kratovs LLabyrinth-O. Looks like a really challenging training”.

9. Finnish WOC selection race middle – women
6700 points

Comment: A classic! I spent several hours analyzing this one, and I can say that this was a really challenging and varied course. The course setter really did his job here! Here are a few hundred mistakes from that race. Jeppe suggested this race.

10. WOC Middle Final Men
6450 points

Comment: A great middle distance course – which made for an interesting race. The WOC middle has nearly always been on the Top 10 list – this year in 10th place. Suggested by Jokuja with the comment: “I suggest WOC middle final. It was a really nice, challenging and technical orienteering in an outstanding terrain + a nice competition to follow for the spectators.”

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Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2013″, and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. All prizes are transferable to other persons (you don’t have to travel yourself).

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Event sponsor: Bergen Sprint Camp – January 31st-February 2nd 2014
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  • 3+3 is a 3 Day orienteering event organized by Malungs OK in Sälen. The event is famous for its open landscape above the “tree-level” and good drawn maps and excellent combination of orienteering and holidays. The 2014 edition returns to the Hundfjället terrain made famous during O-Ringen 2008. More at 3plus3.se

Event sponsor: Ilves-3 – May 2nd – 4th 2014
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  • Ilves-3 is an awesome 3-day competition weekend on relevant terrain for WOC 2017 in Estonia. Welcome to everybody – from kids to veterans. Get to know Estonian orienteering! More to come at OKIlves.ee

Event sponsor: OOCup / Bubo Cup 2014 – July/August 2014
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Event sponsor: Portugal O-Meeting – March 1st-4th 2014
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  • Portugal O’ Meeting is already a well-known established international event, normally reaching the highest average points in World Ranking Events, excluding the World Championships. 2014’s Edition will be held nearby Serra da Estrela, on low grounds but with high density of rocky elements in all stages. More info at pom.pt/en/

Event sponsor: North American Orienteering Championships 2014 – October 10th-13th 2014
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  • This biennial event is the largest and the premiere orienteering event in North America. With national team spots on the line, the best in North America will be there. The host town Arnprior, just outside Canada’s National Capital – Ottawa, is situated on the stunning Ottawa river and we are working together to bring you the best in orienteering and more. Expect the best that North America has to offer and get ready to take control as Orienteering Ottawa welcomes the world from October 10th to 13th, 2014! More at www.naoc2014.ca

Event sponsor: 3 days of Trenches 2014 – May 31st-June 2nd 2014
  • Prize offered: 3 packages – each for 2 people – consisting of: Entry for 3 competitions, sprint, middle WRE and long WRE. A full package of training maps on WOC 2014 training terrains + a shirt for the event. Value about 200 euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • The “3 days of Trenches” competitions will be held on 31st May, 1st June and 2nd June 2014 between Trentino and Veneto. Many national teams will use these competitions as final selection races for WOC 2014 so there should be very strong fields. 2014 is a special year for the Asiago plateau because it is the Centenary since the beginning of the First World War. On the Middle and Long terrain all runners will cross a lot of trenches, military buildings and caves used 100 years ago. It will be possible to visit many historical sites. More at the event’s Facebook page: facebook.com/3days2014

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