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Euromeeting 2018 Denmark coming up: WOC 2020 preparations start here


[LIVE Friday September 20th – Sunday September 22nd] Around 130 national team runners are ready for Euromeeting  – offering three days of intensive sprint orienteering, featuring the same full program as the first sprint WOC which is organized in the same area in Denmark in 2020. That means Knock-Out Sprint, Sprint Relay and normal sprint. 

According to the Euromeeting organizers, the mapper and course setters have done their best to offer WOC relevant competitions in a variety of environments and terrains carefully picked to represent what the runners will meet in little less than two years from now.

Follow the races – live and afterwards:

  • You can follow the race live on the Euromeeting Webpage
  • There will be live GPS-tracking, live speaker sound and live results



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  1. No live speaker, no any live results.. how we will get Olimpic with a such translation is a big big question……..

  2. I just don’t understand how it is so diffucult to put up results in some form on the website. If online doesn’t work maybe just upload a picture of results in twitter or something… And don’t even get me started on TracTrac… Most important thing is ofcourse that everything works for runners but online presence is really a must in competitions this big.

  3. What a terrible joke the GPS-service of TracTrac is that they have been using for the Euromeeting in Denmark this weekend.
    Slow loading, erratic, non responsive, badly working. Felt like internet from the nineties.
    Not a good test for the world championship coming up next year.

    • TracTrac is supposed to be used at WOC 2019 (Norway) and WOC 2020 (Denmark). I am really surprised that the organizers have picked TracTrac over GPSSeuranta. GPSSeuranta is much better than any of the other GPS-service providers. However, I heard that TracTrac could beat the others on price …