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Who did the Orienteering Achievement of the Year 2018?


So many great orienteering achievements in 2018! Suggest a nomination for the Orienteering Achievement of 2018 and win great prizes! Remember that we are not necessarily looking for the best orienteer/team of 2018 – but rather the best achievements. There is one class for men and one for women – juniors can also be suggested, the same goes for teams.

Among all really good nomination texts, we will draw one or two of the great sponsor prizes (prizes valued to more than 5500 Euro – more about the prizes below in the sponsor section). The number of prizes drawn will depend on the number of nomination suggestions being posted. Many suggestions = more prizes drawn. Good nomination text & story = high chance to win.

To get you started, see the nominees for 2017 along with their stories/nomination texts here:

Great Sponsorprizes for “Lucky voters”!

Prizes valued to more than 5500 Euro are drawn among lucky voters & the ones suggesting nominations. We have 14 great sponsor prizes this year! The rules are as follows:

  1. A person can only vote once in each of the categories (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  2. Prizes from our sponsors will be drawn among all people voting.
  3. In addition some sponsor prizes will be drawn among the ones suggesting GOOD nomination texts. Among all really good nomination texts, we will draw one or two of the great sponsor prizes.
  4. The winners will be made public after the poll closes at World of O.

 Event sponsor: Sardinia October 2019 – 3x 5days – week 40, 41 and 44 (Italy)

  • Prize offered: Package for two persons consisting of entry fee and accommodation with formula bed and breakfast for week 41 in Sardinia (Italy).  Value about 1.240 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Follow the Sun in Italy and make your summer longer! Park World Tour Italy is organizing the 8th edition of Five days Orienteering in October with 3 possibilities: week 40, 41 and 44. For 2019 we chose the beautiful Sardinia. We found a fantastic place, one hour driving from Cagliari airport. A wonderful beach is next to the event center. Read more on www.orienteering.it and www.facebook.com/pwtorienteering.


Event sponsor: WOC 2019. August 12 th – 17th 2019 (Norway)

  • Prize offered: Package for two persons consisting of entry fee for all 6 WOC 2019 spectator races and hotel accommodation in one of the partner hotels of WOC 2019.  Value: TBD.  Transferable to other person.
  • Description. Use this unique opportunity to watch the World’s best orienteers in the first ever forest World Orienteering Championships while enjoying orienteering in fantastic terrains. More information at https://woc2019.no/en/


Event sponsor: 5th Antalya Orienteering Festival 2019 – October 27th– November 3rd (Turkey)

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Event sponsor: Scottish 6-Days Orienteering, Strathearn 2019, 28 July-3 August (Scotland)

  • Prize Offered: Entry fees for two adults for all six races plus free entry to Sprint Race.  Additional free entry for two Juniors if required.  Transferable to other persons from same country. Value 500 Euro.
  • Description: Strathearn 2019 is the 22nd staging of this very popular multi-day event in Scotland.  The organisers have applied for two World Ranking Events, Middle and Long Distance, and this would be great training just two weeks before WOC.  Strathearn and Highland Perthshire offers a much wider range of terrain types than some previous Scottish 6 Days so will test all your orienteering skills. Website www.scottish6days.com/2019


Event sponsor: Aguiar da Beira “O” Meeting 2019. January 25th– 27th 2019 (Portugal)

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  • Description:  After the huge success of ABOM 2019, Aguiar da Beira will again be host the best world athletes to run on one of the best Portuguese terrains. Besides, we are the host County of Junior World Orienteering Championships 2021. If you were born in 2001 or later, ABOM 2019 is a great opportunity to start your preparations! High quality mapmaking and amazing terrains are waiting for you! More info about ABOM 2019 at: http://abom2019.ori-estarreja.pt. If you want to have a training camp in Aguiar da Beira, check out http://orientedforlife.o-portugal.pt. We would also like to present you the “Oriented For Life Podcast”, a English speaking Podcast about Orienteering.


Event sponsor: Lipica Open 2019. March 9th – 13th 2019 (Slovenia)

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Event sponsor: 22. International Thuringian 24-Hour relay. May 31st – June 2nd 2019 (Germany)

  • Prize offered: Two packages, each package consists of one 6-person team for the 24-Hour-Orienteering Relay (min age 15) and one 4-person team for the youth relay. Included in the 24-Hour Relay is also opening party, parking, camping and open-air swimming pool.  Total value about 300 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Description. Be part of the world’s longest orienteering relay starting on Saturday June 1st 2019 at 9:00 AM and finishing on Sunday 2nd of June 2019 at 9:00 AM. The competition takes place in a typical German low mountain range in the middle of beautiful nature. More information here: https://www.24h-ol.de/en/



Event sponsor: Danish Spring, 29-31 March 2019 (Denmark)

  • Prize offered: Package for 2 people consisting of free starts in all three competitions and 2 nights in Hostel Sankt Helene. Value about 280 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • More information: The international spring opening in Denmark |  Junior and Youth competitions | Three World Ranking Events |Perfect preparation for JWOC 2019 in Denmark, WMOC 2019 in Latvia and WOC Sprint 2020 in Denmark | Cosy hostels, holiday homes, huts and hotels in the whole area. Ideal for your group’s or club’s spring training camp. Get it all at www.danishspring.dk


Event sponsor: VELIKDEN CUP – 26.- 29. of April 2019 (Bulgaria)

  • Prize offered: Package for two persons consisting of entry fee and accommodation with breakfast for Velikden Cup 2019 – 4 days of orienteering during Orthodox Easter in Targovishte, Bulgaria. Value about 270 EUR. Transferable to other person.
  • Enjoy an orienteering holiday and explore the Bulgarian culture off the beaten tracks. Four races in continental terrain including a WRE event. Velikden is the biggest club orienteering event in Bulgaria with more than 20 years of history. It’s a tradition now that most of the Bulgarian orienteers spend Easter holidays in Targovishte. Besides the orienteering there are many places to visit and explore so you will not regret a trip to Bulgaria. Find out more at http://cup.variant5.org or email us at teamcontact@variant5.org. Visit also our facebook page at: com/velikdencup.


Event sponsor: Bubo Cup 2019. July 17 th – 20th (Slovenia)

  • Prize offered: 2 packages, each for 2 people consisting of entries for all 4 days of Bubo Cup 2019, Bubo Cup event T-shirt and training map for each. Value about 250 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • More information: 4 days of intricate and highly challenging karst terrain up on the Trnovo forest plateau. Possibility to camp right at the Finish area. There are only 3 days between ending date of Bubo cup and starting day of Oocup, which makes it feasible to combine both events. Read more at bubocup.com.


Event sponsor: POM 2019. March 1st – 5th 2019 (Portugal)

  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each one for 2 persons – consisting of full entry fees (model events, 4 forest stages, sprint relay, night sprint and Trail-O). Value about 250 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Portugal O’ Meeting is already a well-known established international event, perfect for a season start. It’s common to see POM Super Elite winners on the podium of the following EOC and WOC. The 2019 Edition will be held in Figueira da Foz, the central coastline of Portugal. Terrains are typical Mediterranean forests on all stages. More info at www.pom.pt.

Event sponsor: Edinburgh University’s Big Weekend. January 25th – 27th 2019 (Scotland)

  • Prize offered: Competition packages for 4 people – including entry to 3 races, the ceilidh and race t-shirts. Value about 250 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Description: EUOC invite you to our Big Weekend 2019. This is your chance to orienteer in Scotland’s capital; one of the world’s most beautiful cities and host of the World Orienteering Championships 2022. The three races will test all your orienteering skills, featuring a Night race, a technical Urban and a Classic on an extinct volcano – and the Ceilidh provides a traditional Scottish social evening for all to enjoy! Race website: https://euoc.wordpress.com/big-weekend/


Event sponsor: Wawel Cup 2019. July 10th – 14th 2019 (Poland)

  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each for 2 people – consisting of entry to full Wawel Cup 38th edition (competition + additional indoor race + training maps) + accommodation on camping/hard-floor +! Wawel Cup T-shirt. Value about 250 euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • Wawel Cup for WKS Wawel centennial! Wawel Cup 38. comprises the exciting indoor race, the possibility of seeing the capital city of Polish kings and beautiful surrounding nature! And foremost challenging terrains and orienteering… on the highest level. Together we will make it a real worldwide orienteering running feast! More info: http://wawelcup.pl/en/


Event sponsor: NAOM 2019. March 9th-10th 2019 / Orievents (Portugal)

  • Prize offered: Competition + training package for 2 persons, consisting of: Entry for NAOM 2019 (09 March  2019 –  Middle distance + Night Sprint ; 10 March – Middle Distance WRE) +  training camp (2 trainings) + 2 days of accommodation in half board. Value about 250 EUR. Transferable to other persons.
  • Orievents / GD4C’s Training Camps “Alto Alentejo” are an excellent training opportunity for Orienteering of good quality during the winter. Start the new season in training camps in Alto Alentejo, Portugal! More at www.naom.pt and about the training camp at Orievents.


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  1. Olav Lundanes for his 3rd long-distance medal … and his eighth overall.
    He only misses the sprint to get closer to a certain Tero ;)

    • Thanks Damien, an excellent nomination! But please post at the FB link, that’s where I collect all the nominations:)

      Update: Thanks for adding to Facebook:)

  2. Hello, I suggest Isia Basset.
    She won the bronze medal in the middle distance to WOC in Letvia, it’s the first medal for woman french team.

    Sorry, I don’t have FB.

  3. Csilla Gardonyi from Hungary.
    She is a very talented 17 year-old orienteer. She won the EYOC sprint and finished 4th at the long distnace. At the Junior World Orienteering Championship she did an amazing performance on homeground. She won the middle distance, came third at sprint, and finished 9th at the long distance. 3 top10 finishes from a 17 year-old girl at JWOC. She might be the next Simona Aebersold.
    Prize: Dansih Spring

  4. Natalia Gemperle – for incredible breakthrough and winning of her first individual WOC-gold medal.
    I would like to have a prize – Sardinia October 2019

  5. O- Sister
    Natalia Gemperle Vinogradova and Olga Shipilova Vinogradova
    How unique is it when a twin wins the World Championship at the same distance in two different orientation disciplines with precisely one day difference?

  6. Traude Fesselhofer

    My suggestion ist Gernot Ymsén-Kerschbaumer. For many years he is running in the “second line” of the world class – several times in top positions (some top10 at WOC, podium at World Cup), but no real exploit. In 2018 he finally (at the age of 35) won his first individual medal in a big championship – bronze at the long EOC in Switzerland. It was also the first Austrian medal on the men’s side ever. He has really deserved it.

  7. I would like to nominate Tereza Janosikova. I believe she is the future Czech o-star. This year she won 3 medals (2xsilver, 1xbronze) at JWOC in Hungary. Especially her performance on the last leg of the relay competition was something unbelieveable! She is already a stable Czech senior o-team member, running individual sprint competitions at both EOC and WOC (2x 19th place) and also a member of very successful sprint relay team (5th at WOC, 3rd at WC Final).

    No FB. Prize: ABOM 2019

  8. This year, Matija Razum from Croatian klub OK Japetic won Croatian cup and Croatian championship. But this is quite normal for him and doesn’t come as anything extraordinary. Every year for last 4 years he qualifies for WOC. Which also isn’t anything out of the ordinary. This year he even went to PWT camp in China. Which is rather expected step in his career. So, nothing extraordinary there, either.
    However, Matija Razum is, at the same time an accomplished student at two universities – Civil Engineering and Kinesiology. He is also one of the most prominent trailrunners in Croatia, also competing in Ultra races. He also organizes trail races and manages race data. But what we all here in croatian orienteering sport admire the most is his organisational abilities at orienteering races. Matija is the go-to guy in drawing maps, setting courses, digitally and in reality. Not one of the races Matija organized or overwatched had any mistakes. He’s thorough and meticulous. Because of this, this year he became the president of our club. All of this wouldn’t be anything special for people of Matija’s calibre if it wasn’t for a fact that it was accomplished in the country centered only around soccer. Matija trains, Matija studies, Matija works to pay for his scholarship. He doesn’t have any sponsors. Every weekend he is either organising or running a race. His accomplishes are his own but when he does great we all do great, too.
    Croatia is a small orienteering country but has one of the potentially greatest orienteerers in the world. In all segments of the sport.

  9. Yannick Michiels, as he is -year after year – not only getting faster, but even more focussed on winning that first sprint-medal at WOC. And orienteering is simple: it’s about fast&focus.

  10. Csilla Gárdonyi
    This little girl won a historical gold medal at the Junior World Orienteering Championship at the age of 17. This was the first ever hungarian JWOC gold in the history for a woman. She achieved this in a very technical middle distance, under the pressure of the homeground. Beside this, she finished all her individual races on top10: one more medal (bronze) in the sprint and a 9th place in the long.
    She won also the EYOC sprint and finished 4th at the long distance. Can’t wait to see her in the senior field. She is already a role model for young orienteers with her amazing attitude and lowliness.
    (Lipica Open)

  11. I would like to nominate Shamsuri Abd Latif, president of the Malysian Orienteering Federation. Shamsuri started organizing orienteering in Malaysia 2007 when there was no orienteering activity left. This year he organized the first WRE in South East Asia and Malaysia was able to send it´s first athlete to an international champ (Azam to WUOC). We should not forget that orienteering achievment is not only about winning the big races.