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Easter Lockdown Orienteering: Results and Comments


[Try out the competitions for yourself] With 500 participants from 20 countries taking part and 6 different countries in the Top 6 overall, the multi-stage virtual orienteering competition Easter Lockdown Orienteering has been the biggest international virtual orienteering competition so far in this special Covid-19 period. 

That Grand Final winner was Casper Skepp of Sweden with second place going to Theo Fleurent of France and third the Croatian Matija Razum. Many top orienteers were participating, with the “King of Orienteering” Thierry Gueorgiou finishing down in 8th place. The race was livestreamed, and you can rewatch the action here.

Competitors had to complete a number of challenges that tested their orienteering skills and knowledge, using several different orienteering challenges: The Routechoice Game for simple urban route choice challenges, RunningWild for more complex urban routechoice challenges, the Catching Features orienteering game, a Control Description Game, Photo Memory Orienteering, Orienteering Quiz and Streetview Orienteering. After the 12 Stages the top 6 battled it out in the Grand Final, a mass start race with the winner of that race claiming the overall Easter Championship title.

Interested to participate next time: Another event is coming up soon, this time an urban only event (registration on the Lockdown Orienteering website):

Try out the competitions

You can try all of the competition stages yourself if you want – they are still online.

You find information about all stages and full results here.


Position Name Country
1 Casper Skepp Sweden
2 Theo Fleurent France
3 Matija Razum Croatia
4 Jonas Egger Switzerland
5 Andrew Stemp Great Britain
6 Fryderyk Pryjma Poland
7 Marian Basset France
8 Thierry Gueorgiou France
9 Arvid Skepp Sweden
10 Nicolas Kastner Austria
11 Jeremy Genar Belguim
12 Alasdair Pedley Great Britain
13 Corentin Roux France
14 Arturo G Dengra Spain
15 Erling Hjermstad Norway
16 Megan Carter Davies Great Britain
17 Vojtěch Král Czech Republic
18 Jérôme Baudson France
19 Tamas Barany Hungary
20 River Edis-Smith Great Britain

12 stages: Here they are

Day 1: Sprint Day

Stage 1: The Routechoice Game
Stage 2: RunningWild
Stage 3: Catching Features: Sprint – JK2014 Swansea University

Day 2: Middle Day

Stage 4: Control Description Game
Stage 5: Photo Memory Orienteering
Stage 6: Orienteering Quiz
Stage 7: Catching Features: Middle – JK2015 Ulpha Park

Day 3: Long Day

Stage 8: Spot the Difference
Stage 9: Streetview Orienteering
Stage 10: Catching Features: Long – JK2016 Kilnsey

Day 4: TrailO and The Grand Final

Stage 11: Trail Orienteering
Stage 12: Catching Features: Short Distance


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