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JWOC 2024: All You Need To Know


[LIVE from Monday July 1st 16:00 CET] The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) 2024 in Czech Republic starts with the Sprint Relay on Monday July 1st, continues with Sprint on Tuesday, Long on Wednesday, Middle on Friday and finishes off with Relay on Saturday. 

The championship is organized around Pilsen, Czech Republic – and will offer a full webTV-broadcast at IOF TV (25 EUR for the complete championships, 6 EUR for single races) along with the usual GPS-tracking and online results. This is the 34th JWOC, this time with more than 330 athletes from 38 nations at the start.

Check out Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast for a preview of all race favourites.

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JWOC 2024 program

All times are given in CET:

  • Monday July 1st – Sprint Relay: 16:15 CET (broadcast from 16:00)
  • Tuesday July 2nd – Sprint: 10:00 CET (broadcast 10:00 to 13:30)
  • Wednesday July 3rd  – Long: 09:00 CET (broadcast 11:00 to 16:30)
  • Friday July 5th – Middle: 09:00 CET (broadcast 10:45 – 16:00)
  • Saturday July 6th – Relay: 09:00 CET Men, 11:00 CET Women (broadcast 08:50 – 13:00)

JWOC 2024 Old Maps

Forest areas

Long: Mostly hilly; little flat terrain. Altitude 430 – 630 m above sea level. Local terrain detail (erosion gullies, remains of mining or military activity). Rocks and stones in places high up on the hills. Mostly coniferous forest (spruce), in some parts with a larger number of clearings. Visibility and runnability are mostly good. In some places runnability is slowed by thickets, undergrowth or a rocky surface. There are many paths.

Middle and Relay: Moderately hilly to flat. Altitude 350 – 500 m above sea level. Local terrain detail (erosion gullies, remains of mining). Mostly coniferous forest (spruce, pine). Visibility and runnability are mostly very good. There are many paths.




Sprint areas

Sprint relay: The predominant part of the terrain consists of a flat residential area with large buildings and school areas from the 1980s. Dead-end streets with low traffic, parking lots filled with cars, asphalt pavements and lawns. Furthermore a sloping park with an elevation of 30 m.

Sprint: The predominant part of the terrain is in the city centre. Network of streets and footpaths mainly with a paved or asphalt surface. Furthermore a city park and sports fields. There is a slope with an elevation of up to 40 m. Visibility and runnability are very good.




JWOC 2024 Race details

Sprint relay

Leg 1 & 4 3,0-3,1 km 700 m 21
Leg 2 & 3 3,5-3,7 km 80 m 24


Women 13:5 min 3,2 km 70 m 17
Men 13,5 min 3,5 km 80 m 17


Women 70 min 9,6 km 480 m 16
Men 70 min 11,5 km 560 m 19


Women 25 min 3,8 km 145 m 14
Men 25 min 4,8 km 175 m 19


Women 5,5 km 110 m 13-14
Men 6,5 km 140 m 18-20

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