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World Cup Spain Long: Maps and Results

Tove Alexandersson won then women’s race on a great Swedish day – the men’s race was voided due to controls 21-22 being removed by the organizers.

Olav Lundanes ran the fastest time in the men’s race ahead of Baptiste Rollier and Gustav Bergman. Fast is however maybe not the best word to use here; the fastest time in the men’s race was 1:47 – 11 minutes longer than the planned winning time. The women’s race was won in 87 minutes – also 11 minutes too long.

3 x Sweden on top

Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the first World Cup race of the season in Turkey ahead of Helena Jansson (also Sweden) – in Spain today two other Swedish women finished in the Top 3 along with Alexandersson: Lena Eliasson and Lilian Forsgren. A great start of the World Cup for Sweden – even if some top runners have been missing on the start list both in Turkey and now in Spain.

Analyzing the race closer, one can see that Alexandersson looses time on the long route choice legs to Lena Eliasson – but that Eliasson does several mistakes at or near controls. Eliasson has the highest speed of the day – running fast on the roads and mostly taking route choices suiting her well.

Behind the Swedish trio Amelie Chataing does the best ever World Cup result for France with a 4th place – Tessa Hill (Great Britain) finished 5th and Rinna Kuuselo (Finland)/Alva Olsson (Sweden) 6th.

Lundanes, Rollier and Bergman

– Happy with my performance today but really pissed with organizers who picked up controls before end of the race

The three fastest times of the day in the men’s class were run by Olav Lundanes, Baptiste Rollier and Gustav Bergman. With the unfortunate cancellation of the race, this is a sad day for Lundanes, Rollier, Bergman and all the other men fighting for nearly 2 hours of more in the Spanish mountains.

– Happy with my performance today but really pissed with organizers who picked up controls before end of the race, Baptiste Rollier Tweeted Saturday evening.

The order of the top three runners would with high probability have been exactly the same also with all controls in place, as both Lundanes and Bergman passed the two removed controls after they were already removed. They lost some time here and at the subsequent controls, but the order of the top 3 would probably have been unchanged. See the full reconstructed results of Top15 at the bottom of this article.

Maps and GPS-tracking
  • Map men
  • Map women
  • GPS tracking men/women – including link to GPS-tracking in 2DRerun through a cooperation between WorldofO and TracTrac (Thanks, TracTrac – I am sure the readers of World of O will value this opportunity!)
1 Alexandersson, Tove SWEDEN 1:27:43
2 Eliasson, Lena SWEDEN 1:32:29
3 Forsgren, Lilian SWEDEN 1:34:28
4 Chataing, Amélie FRANCE 1:34:55
5 Hill, Tessa UNITED KINGDOM 1:35:37
6 Kuuselo, Riina FINLAND 1:36:49
6 Olsson, Alva SWEDEN 1:36:49
8 Anttonen, Sari FINLAND 1:37:53
9 Jansson, Helena SWEDEN 1:39:04
10 Volynska, Nadiya UKRAINE 1:40:01
11 Sundberg, Karoliina FINLAND 1:40:06
12 Haikonen, Henna-Riikka FINLAND 1:40:35
13 Round, Vanessa AUSTRALIA 1:41:23
14 Kutkaite, Ausrine LITHUANIA 1:42:54
15 Vinogradova, Galina RUSSIAN FEDERATION 1:44:45
Unofficial results, cancelled men’s class

Below are results taken from the official split times were all runners with the two removed controls missing have been reinstated in the results (this can of course not be done in the official results as other runners may have been more influenced). Lundanes said to orientering.no that he lost 20 seconds on control number 22 while search for the control (they found the control marker pin), and subsequently some time on a mistake on a later control because he lost focus.


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  1. Oh boy, I feel so sorry, first for the runners and also for the organizers. Things like that should not happen that is clear. I just can’t believe that happened, specially with gps tracking and therefore the knowledge that the runners are still out there. But it was for sure not in purpose and I’m sure this wont happen to those organizers again…

    • As far as I understand, the controls were removed by an organizer responsible for picking in controls from the spectator race. While picking the spectator race controls, he took two extra controls – unfortunately those were World Cup controls which nine of the men had not yet visited.