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Course of the Year 2016: O France Day 5!


A very technical French Long distance course takes the honors as “Orienteering Course of the Year 2016?. The winning course is the Men Elite course at the last stage of O’France 2016 – probably one of the most difficult long distance courses set this year – with a lot of “WOW”-factor due to the very special terrain and the varied challenges.

This course was also among the most often nominated courses – clearly a very tough and a very popular choice. Congratulations go to the course setter Ludo Ruiz and to everybody else involved in this race.  The World University Championships Sprint is the “Sprint Course of the Year 2016? (overall 8th place) and  OOCUP Day 2 is the “Middle distance course of the Year 2016? (overall 2nd place). See full results below the interview with the course setter – and the map with course here.

Challenging start!

Before reading the interview with the course setter, take a look at this challenging long leg which the course setter served the runners to the 3rd controls.  Many runners used several hours in the forest on their courses this day. O’France 2016 was clearly a memory for life for the participants; good or bad depending on how devoted an orienteer you are…


Interview: Course setter Course of the Year 2016, Ludo Ruiz

Q: Congratulations with your course being awarded “Course of the Year 2016″! What are your thoughts about your course getting this type of award?
I think it is overall the organization of O’France and the magnificent courses offered to the runners in all the stages who won, and not only stage 5. We are very proud of the results after the work done by the many volunteers and we thank all the runners who have come.

The challenge of stage 5 was mainly based on the long routechoice legs combined with micro routechoices in the very technical areas.

Q: Several runners have described O’France” as the most difficult race they have ever run. What was the idea behind the challenges you wanted to give the athletes?
O France was actually one of the most challenging races of the year, especially stage 4, a middle distance that put the runners into difficulty with controls in areas with lots of details [Editors comment: See Eva Jurenikova’s Tweet; one of the most difficult courses I have ever run]. Stage 5 took place on the same map, and the runners were able to better understand the difficulties thanks to their experience of stage 4. The challenge of stage 5 was mainly based on the long routechoice legs combined with micro routechoices in the very technical areas.


Q: After spending quite some time setting courses in this terrain, have you got any tips to athletes about how to master this terrain?
As I read in interviews with Thierry Georgiou, official ambassador of O’France; On this kind of terrain we must try to select the important features, and avoid trying to understand all the features of the map, except in some parts which closely resemble a labyrinth [Editors comment: Easier to said than done; a bit like “full speed no mistake”].

Q: Did you get any surprises with respect to which routechoices were fastest or were the athletes made mistake?
We had little feedback from athletes drawing their routechoices, but the feedback we got from athletes with whom we discussed after the race, showed that the race was played out on the two long routechoice. The fastest times on the two routechoices impressed us, for 2 – 3 (2300 m), Lucas Basset puts 12’14 and for 9 – 10 (2000 m), Johan Högstrand puts 14’21. Other runners preferred to make detours to ensure their attack point.


Q: Can you take us quickly through the main challenges in the course, highlighting the legs where you see special challenges?
My favorite leg is leg 2 – 3 because you get it very early in the race, and it proposes many routechoices. It is the routechoice with the biggest time differences. The most important challenges in this race were the long routechoice legs and short technical legs, which require different techniques of orientation. So I find that leg 9 – 10 offers a real challenge because it is followed by a short routechoices in a labyrinth area.

I find that leg 9 – 10 offers a real challenge because it is followed by a short routechoices in a labyrinth area.


Q: Did you have any special worries about the courses before the race?
Before the race, we still have a lot of questions and we decided to change the course for D14 – H14 a few hours before the race.

After controlling of the course 3 months before the competition, we set out 130 checkpoints 2 months ahead of the competition

Q: When did you start planning the courses – and how many hours do you think you spent on it? Can you take us through part of the planning process?
The race began to be prepared in 2013 with the search for a new area. We then visited the lands mapped one year before the competition. The course setting began just after that – I decided that to make it a nice show, I would set the start and the finish in the same area (it was a chasing start), and also to add a spectator control for H21E. This may have made the course setting more difficult. After controlling of the course 3 months before the competition, we set out 130 checkpoints 2 months ahead of the competition. It is difficult to estimate the time spent, but it is a great experience and a good teamwork with my two controllers (Daniel Poëdras and Philippe Pogu), and the entire organizing team!

Q: Thanks a lot for the interview, Ludo – and congratulations with your win as course setter in “Course of the Year 2016″!

Results: Course of the Year 2016

We have two very technical courses – both part of multiday events -on top in “Course of the Year 2016″; O-France Day 5 in France on top and OOCup Day 2 organized in Italy in second spot, and the best middle distance course on the list. The World Orienteering Championships Long distance in Sweden is in third spot. In the 9 top places we have courses from 9 different countries – France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, USA, Finland, Hungary and Poland. This just shows how important it is to travel in order to really enjoy orienteering!

The “Sprint Course of the Year 2016? is  the WUOC sprint in Hungary in 8th place overall,  with sprint courses from Poland and Portugal following in the next two places.


1. O-France 2016 – E5 (H21E)
    16580 points
2. OOCup 2016 Stage 2 – M21E
    15830 points
3. WOC 2016 Long M21E
    13950 points
4. JWOC 2016 Middle Men
    9970 points
5. POM Day 3 Long WRE MSE
    9700 points
6. North American Championships Long 2016: M21E
    8370 points
7. Finnish Championships Long 2016: M21E
    7830 points
8. WUOC 2016 Sprint Men
    7730 points
9. WCup Poland Sprint 2016: W21E – P1
    7170 points
10. Lisbon Orienteering Meeting 2016 WRE Sprint Men
    6780 points
11. O-idol 2016 H16
    6340 points
12. Finnish WOC selection Long 2016: M21E
    6320 points
13. JWOC 2016 Long Men
    5960 points
14. Lipica Open 2016 Day 2 M21E
    5690 points
15. WOC 2016 Middle Men
    5100 points
16. Russian Championships Long 2016 M21E
    5050 points
17. Swiss O-Week Day 4 M21E
    4910 points
18. Finnish Middle Champs 2016: M21E
    4860 points
19. Norte Alentejano Day 1 – M21SE
    4520 points
20. WUOC 2016 Sprint Relay, leg 4
    4490 points

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