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Achievement of 2008: 16 hours to vote!

Still the fight for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2008″ is not decided – you now have only 16 hours left to place your vote if you have not voted yet. The poll closes at midnight CET tonight. Please help spreading the news – and give all these great achievements by the worlds finest orienteers their deserved honor!

Nominees “The Orienteering Achievement of 2008″


Men Women
Tero Förh, Finland
Francois Gonon, France
Thierry Gueorgiou, France
Daniel Hubmann, Switzerland
Andrey Khramov, Russia
Anders Nordberg, Norway
Michal Smola, Czech Republic
Jamie Stevenson, Great Britain
Dimitry Tsvektov, Russia
Emil Wingsted, Sweden
Marianne Andersen, Norway
Annika Billstam, Sweden
Dana Brožková, Czech Republic
Radka Brožková, Czech Republic
Anne Margrethe Hausken, Norway
Minna Kauppi, Finland
Helena Jansson, Sweden
Vroni König-Salmi, Switzerland
Merja Rantanen, Finland
Signe Søes, Denmark


Rules and prizes for “The Orienteering Achievement of 2008″

The winner in each category is decided in a vote amongst all the readers of World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. Prizes will be drawn among the voters:

  1. A person can only vote once in each of the categories (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  2. Among all people voting, 10 prizes (Trimtex Extreme shirts and Trimtex Extreme pants) will be drawn. We would like to thank Trimtex for making available the prizes.
  3. The winners will be made public after the poll closes at World of O and Ultimate Orienteering.
Spread the news

Help making the poll as representative for the international orienteering community as possible! Spread the news about the poll, by publishing an article about the election on your website, and encourage people participating. Please use this link:

Of all websites with on average more than 50 visitors/day who link to the poll after it has been opened for voting, five websites will be drawn who will get a free “Sponsored Link” at either World of O or Ultimate Orienteering. Websites with on average more than 200 visitors/day will count triple when linking to the poll. Send an email to Jan@Kocbach.net with the sites address if you want to be part of this draw for free sponsored links. Sponsored links may be to any orienteering related page or product – must necessarily by the website drawn. Please use one of the following images when linking to the poll:

best_orienteering_300x300.jpg best_orienteering2008_small.jpg

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