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Fantasy World Cup: Scary securing the lead ahead of finals

The Scary Team with manager Anders Skarholt secured its lead ahead of the final two World Cup races at the World Cup Final in Switzerland in the end of September. The Bushmen Team is still in second spot – now 29 points behind the Scary Team. However, everything is open ahead of the final, as only the 7 best of the 9 races count in the overall.

Best in WC7: Die Förschtar fi Sarnthein – Manager: Thomas Widmann
1.   Daniel Hubmann – 150.00 points 2.   Thierry Gueorgiou – 100.00 points
3.   Matthias Merz – 29.70 points 4.   Baptiste Rollier – 31.00 points
5.   Mikhail Mamleev – 60.00 points 6.   Marianne Andersen – 80.00 points
7.   Simone Niggli – 100.00 points 8.   Minna Kauppi – 60.00 points
9.   Anni-Maija Fincke – 37.00 points 10.   Anne Margrethe Hausken – 40.00 points

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Top 10 after World Cup Race 7
Place Team name Manager Points so far E-mail address
1. Scary Anders Skarholt 4481.50 points 21014@—–.—
2. Bushmen Kristoffer Fiane Pedersen 4452.80 points krist_o_ffer@—–.—
3. accelerate Rachael Elder 4380.70 points purplefunkster@—–.—
4. Sheffield Steelers OJ 4354.75 points olijohnson@—–.—
5. Mustela putorius Erik Rost 4316.45 points erik_rost@—–.—
6. Die Förschtar fi Sarnthein Thomas Widmann 4308.80 points ueidman@—–.—
7. stars team Eran S. 4306.50 points eran2segal@—–.—
8. Sloths Pete Huzan 4236.65 points peter.huzan@—–.—
9. DTK DTK #11 4236.25 points oscar@—–.—
10. Klingenberg Emma Klingenberg 4214.00 points emma.klingenberg@—–.—
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