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Fantasy World Cup: A Lot Of Final Changes!

Helena Janssons disqualification due to running into a forbidden area at the Sprint race in the World Cup Final cost the leading team of manager Anders Skarholt and the Scary Team a lot of World Cup points – but so did it for a majority of the other top teams – including manager Kristoffer Fiane Pedersen and the Bushmen Team who has been fighting with Skarholt for the overall victory all the way. Thus Janssons disqualification did not have any impact on the overall results in the World of O Fantasy World Cup.

[Note! Results are still unofficial as they are not fully checked – please report any errors to jan@kocbach.net]

In the end the Bushmen Team proved to be the strongest: The Scary Team lost valuable points to the Bushmen team in both of the last competitions – and thus the Bushmen Team took the victory with a total of 5224.50 points ahead of the Dæhlie Team with 5137.20 points and the Scary Team with 5135.50 points.

Congratulations to the Bushmen Team for taking the victory in the first WoO Fantasy World Cup!

Overall results Fantasy World Cup

The overall results in the Fantasy World Cup is given in the following table. Full results – including results for each race and team runners for the teams in each race – are given here.

Place Team name Manager Points so far E-mail address
1. Bushmen Kristoffer Fiane Pedersen 5224.50 points krist_o_ffer@—–.—
2. dæhli Magne Dæhli 5137.20 points magne.dahli@—–.—
3. Scary Anders Skarholt 5135.50 points 21014@—–.—
4. Die Förschtar fi Sarnthein Thomas Widmann 5032.40 points ueidman@—–.—
5. stars team Eran S. 5020.50 points eran2segal@—–.—
6. SamWise Samuel Vainiomäki 5015.95 points samuel.vainiomaki@—–.—
7. Tutzoooom Torben Utzon 4986.30 points tutzon@—–.—
8. Karst Stars Áron Less 4954.70 points aron.less@—–.—
9. Sloths Pete Huzan 4947.25 points peter.huzan@—–.—
10. Sheffield Steelers OJ 4935.75 points olijohnson@—–.—
Overall World Cup Results

The Overall World Cup has been covered elsewhere (see World of O frontpage). Final victories went to Daniel Hubmann and Simone Niggli-Luder after impressing races by all of the Swiss Team – and especially Hubmann and Niggli-Luder – in the World Cup Finals.


Maps World Cup Final
Rule changes in 2010?

Thanks to all participants for making the Fantasy World Cup a great competition – making it even more interesting to follow the Orienteering World Cup. It has not yet been decided if the Fantasy World Cup will continue in 2010. Please add a comment below if you want the Fantasy World Cup to continue – and especially if you see any rule changes which would make it even more interesting!

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  1. Was funny !!
    But sometimes hard to remember to change the team :)
    I don’t know if i will make it again if next year it will continue, but this year, as a new game i liked it!

  2. @Melanie: Good to hear:) I also had fun with it, but it might be easier to keep people’s attention if there is only a WOC manager – that is not over all the season. Then you might have other things to concentrate on, though:)

  3. Thank you Jan!

    The game was interesting. It helped to get to know the international top runners and their specialisations (terrain, discipline) better. It also brought more attention to the World Cup races. This year I followed them on the internet, what I did not do in the past.

    Do it again next year with the full World Cup, not only the World Championships! Advertise the Fantasy Cup more, quite some people missed the first race(s). For the following races, your e-mail reminders were good.

  4. yep was really funny!
    the only problem is when you are not at home in the WorldChampionship week it’s hard to win (lol =P ).

    For the next year:
    i think that will be more funny (at least for me) if each runner have a different price (caluclatet with the WC result or IOF ranking) and each manager have a budget for buy 10 runners.
    So you can’t buy all the best runner, beacause they are too expensive.
    And so you must speculate with “not top-runner” and hope that they run a good race. (so you will know better all the runners, not only the best 10-15).

    But this method will be harder to programm.

    Anyway congratulation for this edition!!

  5. @Gio & Ulis: Thanks for the praise!

    @Ulis: Regarding full season – I’ll take your comment into the considerations.

    @Gio: For the Fantasy JWOC I used an approach which introduces a similar aspect to the game as you suggest (which however is easier to program). Instead of having a certain amount of money to buy runners for, you got point based on how many had chosen that particular runner. But I see your point that buying for a certain amount of money might be more interesting because the element of chance is reduced while the tactical aspect is there. Do you have any suggestion about how to set the price for the runners automatically? WRE points? WC points? WoO Ranking? I’m not sure that I am able to put this aspect into the Fantasy WC as it might not be compatible with my technical setup, but I’ll consider… Still, there were big enough differences even when you could choose any runner this year.

  6. the fantasy world cup was gret fun!
    i would like to particpate agine next year . gio idia sund good but probably hard complicated for you. the price could set be wc standing of this year/

  7. yes this Fantasy WC was great. thanks!

    the new ideas sound’s also great. maybe the wre points are the best. there are more runners in the ranking than in the wc-standing.
    Or else it could be like in the Fantasy JWOC, but with more steps. not only the top 15 get lower points. maybe you could give every ten runners other “points multiplier”.

    But I will certainly play when there will be the old system.