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World Cup Final Middle: Map and Results

Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli took home the victories in todays World Cup over the middle distance in Switzerland – in a terrain which was not as technical as many of the runners had expected.

Simone Niggli had already decided the overall World Cup in the womens class – and with today’s 3rd spot for Daniel Hubmann and 4th spot for Matthias Müller, it is now also clear that there will be a Swiss overall World Cup winner in the mens class – either Hubmann or Müller.


About the map and courses

– It was quite a good race. I did three times 20 seconds mistake – at the 7th control, the 17th control and the 20th control, Thierry Gueorgiou told after the event.

– The map was easy to read, but the runnability was not clear from looking on the map, so you had to be flexible in your orienteering, the tall French runner told after winning his second World Cup title in a row.

The orienteering was boring compared to what met the runners last weekend in France. – It was not very technical orienteering, Thierry Gueorgiou told after the event.

The Scandinavian runners, however, feel that they still have something to learn in this kind of terrain. – I think I have a lot to learn, it is quite different from Norwegian terrain, Olav Lundanes in second spot commented at the press conference. – The biggest challenge in this terrain is to run fast enough and orienteer well enough, according to Lundanes.

The overall World Cup

In the mens class the fight for the overall World Cup now is between Daniel Hubmann and Matthias Müller. Hubmann, however, has a clear lead. Müller has to win with Hubmann in 17th spot or worse in order to take the overall World Cup from Hubmann.

– I did not have any pain in my foot today, as I got an injection to remove the pain, Hubmann said after the race – and he now thinks that he will manage to take home the overall World Cup. – I have a lot more self confidence than yesterday.

Simone Niggli has already won the overall World Cup in the womens class – and just increased her victory margin with todays World Cup victory. The victory today was special for Niggli, as it is her 50th World Cup victory.


1. GUEORGIOU Thierry FRA 35:30
2. LUNDANES Olav NOR 36:38 +01:08
3. HUBMANN Daniel SUI 36:46 +01:16
4. MÜLLER Matthias SUI 37:02 +01:32
5. ROLLIER Baptiste SUI 37:15 +01:45
6. HUOVILA Jarkko FIN 37:25 +01:55
7. HALDIN Mats FIN 37:27 +01:57
8. KHRAMOV Andrey RUS 37:34 +02:04
9. MERZ Matthias SUI 38:00 +02:30
9. KAAS Carl Waaler NOR 38:00 +02:30

1. NIGGLI-LUDER Simone SUI 37:46
2. JANSSON Helena SWE 39:22 +01:36
3. FASTING Mari NOR 41:43 +03:57
4. BILLSTAM Annika SWE 41:55 +04:09
5. FRIEDERICH Rahel SUI 42:10 +04:24
6. PERSSON Lina SWE 42:44 +04:58
7. CEJKA Caroline SUI 43:14 +05:28
8. RANTALA Maria FIN 43:18 +05:32
9. LÜSCHER Sara SUI 43:39 +05:53
10. HAUSKEN Anne Margrethe NOR 43:41 +05:55

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