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PostFinance Sprint: Minna Kauppi took it!

Minna Kauppi took the victory in the World Cup final – but Helena Jansson secured the overall World Cup victory after a big mistake by Annika Billstam in today’s sprint. As always in the PostFinance Sprint the atmosphere was magic – with lots of load spectators cheering the runners on.

Minna Kauppi took the victory ahead of Lena Eliasson with Helena Jansson in third. Tessa Hill took a surprisingly strong 4th place .

Map and course

The course was varied – with several legs where the runners choose different routes. The 6th control is the one which lost Annika Billstam her chances in the overall World Cup – here she made a huge mistake after having been not far behind the lead. Kauppi securedn her victory due to higher speed in the first part of the course. In the final long leg to number 15 Kauppi lost some time on a left route choice – but not enough for the others to come up and beat her.

1. KAUPPI Minna FIN 13:35
2. ELIASSON Lena SWE 13:42 +00:07
3. JANSSON Helena SWE 13:45 +00:10
4. HILL Tessa GBR 13:47 +00:12
5. ALM Maja DEN 13:49 +00:14
6. VINOGRADOVA Galina RUS 13:53 +00:18
7. SØES Signe DEN 13:56 +00:21
8. FRIEDERICH Rahel SUI 14:00 +00:25
9. ALEXANDERSSON Tove SWE 14:03 +00:28
10. BROZKOVÁ Dana CZE 14:04 +00:29


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