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PostFinance Sprint: Hubmann took it all!

Daniel Hubmann did like he has done the last years – took the victory both in the overall World Cup and in the World Cup final. Gueorgiou gave Hubmann a real fight for the overall World Cup in his first sprint race since the PostFinance Sprint last year – and finished 4th, only 17 seconds down on Hubmann.

Jerker Lysell had a super finish – and had the lead for a long time until Daniel Hubmann came with the last startnumber and took the victory.

Map and course


As for the women where Minna Kauppi took the victory, the course was varied – with several legs where the runners choose different routes. However, rather the route choice options did not seem to vary very much – and it was thus mostly running speed and technique which decided the race. Above you see one of the route choice legs – the leg from number 16 to 17.

1. HUBMANN Daniel SUI 15:08
2. LYSELL Jerker SWE 15:13 +00:05
3. KYBURZ Matthias SUI 15:20 +00:12
4. GUEORGIOU Thierry FRA 15:25 +00:17
5. MERZ Matthias SUI 15:26 +00:18
6. HUBMANN Martin SUI 15:28 +00:20
7. FRASER Scott GBR 15:29 +00:21
8. HERTNER Fabian SUI 15:31 +00:23
9. MÜLLER Matthias SUI 15:32 +00:24
10. LIND William SWE 15:36 +00:28

Full results

Overall World Cup

Daniel Hubmann won the overall World Cup ahead of Thierry Gueorgiou, Matthias Merz, Matthias Kyburz and Matthias Müller. Full World Cup results updated here.

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