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POM 2012 Day 1: Maps and Results

Simone Niggli is back – beating the current World Champion on long distance Annika Billstam with 15 small seconds. And Thierry Gueorgiou shows that the competitors will have to fight hard to beat him in 2012 as well.

Portugal O-meeting (POM) is the international season opening – with most of the world elite on the startlist. 8 of the 10 highest ranked on the World Ranking in the mens class are on the startliste for POM 2012 – and several of the Top 10 ranked women are also ready for action in Portugal. The highlight of Portugal O-meeting is the World Ranking event on Monday February 20th – a middle distance race. All runners are expected to run at full speed on Monday – the other days there will be more variation as the athletes are in a training period.

– I did a big mistake on the 3rd control were I lost a few minutes, lost my rhythm, and then I had to try to recover it, Thierry Gueorgiou said to the Portuguese Orienteering Blog. The winner in the women’s class, Simone Niggli, did not have a perfect race either: – It wasn’t a perfect race, I made a lot of big mistakes losing five minutes overall. But it’s a return to the competition after a long absence and it was very good to start again like this at the Portugal O’ Meeting.



Thanks a lot to the organizers for providing full maps. Here are maps from the men’s superelite and the women’s elite:

Webroute – what would you choose, Men 1-2?

Below you see the GPS tracks of some selected runners – note that the times partly reflect their varying running speed (e.g. Øystein Kvaal Østerbø taking it easy). Further analysis is necessary to see what is really the fastest. On this leg from 1-2 it looks like a left variant is the fastest – this is also the choice made by Thierry Gueorgiou.


Webroute – what would you choose, Men 10-11?

Below you see the GPS tracks of some selected runners (open in 2DRerun here) – note that the times partly reflect their varying running speed.

Results women

In the women’s race, Billstam lost nearly 2 minutes to the first split – slowly getting closer and closer towards the end of the race .

1 562 Simone Niggli 78 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 1:04:04
2 501 Annika Billstam 76 [5081] G4 OK Linné 1:04:19
3 505 Rahel Friederich 86 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 1:08:16
4 595 Trubkina Anastasia 90 [5158] Spb O-Team 1:08:46
5 510 Lina Strand 88 [5284] G1 Göteborg-Majorna 1:09:09
6 512 Vroni Konig-Salmi 69 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 1:09:11
7 545 Emily Kemp 92 [5085] Ottawa OC 1:10:07
8 504 Eva Jurenikova [5302] G5 Domnarvets GoIF 1:10:40
9 558 Johanna Lindberg [5302] G5 Domnarvets GoIF 1:11:02
10 539 Helen Suzanne Palmer 81 [5125] Wing OK 1:11:10

Results men

1 101 Thierry Gueorgiou 79 [5326] G1 France O Team 1:08:06
2 112 Fabian Hertner 85 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 1:11:16
3 136 Mattias Millinger 84 [5081] G4 OK Linné 1:13:14
4 122 Johan Runesson 90 [5284] G1 Göteborg-Majorna 1:13:30
5 114 Scott Fraser [5028] G1 Södertälje-Nykvar 1:13:33
6 107 Olav Lundanes 87 [5285] G1 Halden SK 1:15:20
7 103 Baptiste Rollier 82 [5137] G1 Swiss Orient 1:15:52
7 211 Ola Martner 87 [5284] G1 Göteborg-Majorna 1:15:52
9 227 Holger Hott 74 [5266] Kristiansand OK 1:16:05
10 177 Erik Axelsson 79 [5285] G1 Halden SK 1:16:07

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