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POM 2012 Day 2: Maps and Results

POM Day 2 2012 M21SE - Route choice of winner Baptiste Rollier
Baptiste Rollier and Kristin Lövgren took home the second day of Portugal O-Meeting 2012 – a middle distance race. Rollier had two other Swiss runners joining him on the podium – yesterday’s winner Thierry Gueorgiou finished 6th. In the women’s class, Lena Eliasson and Sara Lucher were closest to the Swedish winner.

Tomorrow Portugal O-Meeting continues with the highlight of the 4 Day event – the middle distance counting for the World Ranking. Everybody still remembers how Thierry Guergiou took the highest WRE point value ever at the POM WRE in 2007 – it will be exciting to see what is possible tomorrow…

Portugal O-meeting (POM) is the international season opening – with most of the world elite on the startlist. 8 of the 10 highest ranked on the World Ranking in the mens class are on the startliste for POM 2012 – and several of the Top 10 ranked women are also ready for action in Portugal. The highlight of Portugal O-meeting is the World Ranking event on Monday February 20th – a middle distance race. All runners are expected to run at full speed on Monday – the other days there will be more variation as the athletes are in a training period.


Thanks a lot to the organizers for providing full maps. Here are maps from the men’s superelite and the women’s elite:

Taking a look at the routes of Jurenikova and Eliasson, one can observe that there were no big route choice challenges in this middle distance, but it looks like there were many micro route choices were you could earn many seconds by “making it easy for yourself” – i.e. being accurate with the direction and using the visible terrain features to keep the speed up. Unsecurity seems to cost quite a lot of time.


Results women

1 Kristin Lövgren OK Kolmårde 34:45
2 Lena Eliasson Domnarvets 35:50
3 Sara Lucher Swiss Orien 37:02
4 Annika Billstam OK Linné 38:16
5 Vroni Konig-Salmi Swiss Orien 38:51

Results men

1 Baptiste Rollier Swiss Orien 30:48
2 Daniel Hubmann Swiss Orien 32:20
3 Martin Hubmann Swiss Orien 32:46
4 Oleksander Kratov Orievents T 33:03
5 Severin Howald Swiss Orien 33:23
6 Thierry Guergiou 33:31

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