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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 7 2012

Another day – another map! Nearly 2000 answers have been given in the WoO Christmas O-Quiz already – very impressive! And based on your comments, I think you may have spent in total about 3-400 work hours searching for the correct answers (some have used an hour for an answer – some look like they have guessed rather quickly). Can you guess which country THIS map is from?

The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Ireland!

Some hints helped you away from the Nordic countries (except those 20-30 or so not reading my intro-text). Already having visited New Zealand helped you avoid New Zealand (although who said we wouldn’t visit one country twice?). But then you were nearly equally divided between Great Britain and Ireland.

But it is, of course, Ireland! A World Cup race was run there in 1998 (see course/link to course below). This is actually also one of the maps nominated for the 101 Orienteering maps project (which hopefully will live again some day). Quality terrain!

Some of your very interesting comments & fun-facts (keep them coming):

  • At last, a map I know stuff about. [Thanks Colm!]
    • This is the mountain Barack Obama climbed on his visit to Ireland, it was a surprise decision, as people believed there would an assassination attempt made against him while up there.
    • It was also on this map (the edge of it, you can’t see it here) where the first Guinness was made. Illegally brewed at the time, the Taoiseach (Irish prime-minister) decided to legalise the new drink after he tasted it.
  • I’ve run on that one already back in ’98 (Worldcup long qual) [Guess: Ireland. Correct, Rolf. Hope you enjoyed!]
  • You can run on this map later this year during the Shamrock O-Ringen: http://www.shamrock.corko.net/ [Guess: Ireland. Thanks JC!]
  • Today just 30 minutes of searching for right answer :-) [Guess: Great Britain. Oh no, Roman. That was 30 minutes for nothing – hopefully you found some other maps while you were searching]
  • Assuming the light yellow/brown is open land, it looks like a barren area, but inside the fence there’s lot of dark green so I’m guessing Scotland or Ireland, somewhere with lots of sheep eating most of the vegetation. [Guess: Great Britain. Sorry Terje, good reasoning, wrong answer…]
  • Good that you have made this one easier. It’s so addictive that I think my boss is about to fire me :-) [Guess: Ireland. Correct, Thomas! Good that the weekend is coming up:)]
  • Yesterday was hard, but don’t make it too easy either. ;) Great work Jan! [Guess: Ireland. Correct MVB – but there are quite a few who find even this difficult:)]
  • It reminds me of north Norway, Bergen or Tromso (even if i’m not sure because of the green parts). But it might be too easy, i guess there’s a trap. [No, no Tatam – wrong again. You’ve got to come up to Bergen visit some time – our terrain is far more s…ty]
  • From the looks of the terrain and map I’m guessing it is near Cork and the map maker is none other than Marcus Pinker. [Yep, that’s correct Danger]
  • Norwegian victory at this world cup…. Hanne and Björnar [Guess: Ireland. Thanks, Wolfgang – and yes, Ireland is correct]
  • Today I am not dissapointing you, Worldofo ;-) [Guess: Ireland. That’s better, Toon. You don’t have these types of hills in Benelux I guess :)]
  • Come on, Jan! It was an easy one! ;)) [Guess: Ireland. Correct, Vladyslav]

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 6 – here is the overview over tips:

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