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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 10 2012

Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Brazil!

Looks like we had another tricky one for you there! 113 for Brazil, 35 for Japan and 33 for Hong Kong – and the rest spread all over. I took the time to count how many have all 9 correct – and that’s only 12 people! In addition there are two who missed the first day. Looks like I gave you a real challenge here. I’ve finished preparing the maps for the rest of the days until Christmas, so there is no way back now. I wonder if any of you will really manage 24 points in the end…

  • 9 points: 12 persons
  • 8 points: 12 persons
  • 7 points: 12 persons
  • 6 points: 15 persons
  • 5 points: 28 persons
  • 4 points: 19 persons
  • 3 points: 50 persons
  • 2 points: 63 persons
  • 1 points: 151 persons
  • 0 points: 225 persons

Some comments from today,

  • Maybe it would be nice to include some maps that are not possible to find on WOO maps, or at least give this kind of (hard to guess) map without a hint. But nice game in any case! [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Ivan – you and 11 others think this is easy, the other 500 or so have a hard time. So I guess the level should be kind of OK. Still 15 days to go!]
  • WMOC 2014 :-) [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Kell – correct one now:)]
  • Actually, I thought it’s China or somewhere there… :) [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Vladyslav – you’ve got 8 of 9 now, not bad!]
  • I always go for the crazy choices, just because I want to get a hard one right! Maybe this or Australia? [Guess: Brazil. Thanks lorrieq – correct!]
  • There’s as much about this one that says “not-Japan” as says “Japan”….but no other ideas from the choices offered…. [Guess: Japan. Thanks Nic Gorman]
  • Everywhere on the world there are maps and terrains You will never think about to organize o-events there – but 5 days of Brazil 2010. If you have special friends – you can plan a sadistic course in festival of brown and green. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Wolfgang – I guess you can make a quite nice one here as well]
  • first I thought China or Japan, But suddenly it came to me, Brazil!. I think that this map has been to Catching features. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Niklas – correct today!]
  • After two wrong answers I started to get serious and found the map in 30 minutes. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Janis – 7 points out of 9 still brings you far up on the list]
  • Unfortunately I’ve never been in South America… [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Alexander – you are still one of 12 who has 9 points :)]
  • I would guess South America. Colombia or Brazil… kind of map IOF made to develop orienteering there. I wonder how green is the green? real Jungle? [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Tatam – two in a row now:) Yes, I think dark green is real jungle]
  • Looks like the limestone mountains in Guilin – but there are no fooder racks in China. Maybe in Japan?. [Guess: Japan. Thanks Ulis – but not correct this time]
  • In the list there are not many possible countries. Could be Eastern Africa but not South Africa or Morocco. Not North America. In Asia it could be Southeast part or China, Korea, Taiwan, but hardly Japan, Hong Kong or Kazakhstan. Cayman Islands? No idea, but I don’t think there are other maps than sprint. In South America it could be a few countries, but just Brazil is on the list. So it must be Brazil. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks cha – good reasoning there!]
  • This was too easy, 5 dias do Brasil 2010 ! [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Jonas – that’s right:)]
  • Too easy with the hint, but without it would be haaaard… what about some preliminary results? maybe after 12 days? or big mystery till the end? [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Tadziu – I brought you some preliminary results there. I’ve got the full results here as well (with who picked wrong/correct each day), but I don’t plan to publish it – I’ll only publish the best in the end. This is more a game where you fight yourself :)]
  • … This could be an O-travel race form anywhere in the world. Whether you get this one right is a matter of either pure luck, or extensive searching on the internet, and not a matter of knowledge. Not cool [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Yves – this is a map quite a few have seen before – it isn’t that obscure I think. I’d seen it several times (but I’m maybe not the average orienteer either)]
  • Few months ago my company offer me a job in Brasil. My answer was: No thanks, there are not such nice terrains in Brasil, and I am scared about snakes… [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Brunic – might have been a good choice for orienteering when looking at this map]
  • Searching omaps in google maps outside europe is a lot easier than in europe.. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Alan – your search obviously worked well today]
  • No need to check my answer on omaps anymore? Surprisingly 7 correct first guesses in a row! But this one was just luck. [Guess: Brazil. Thanks Gustav – sounds good :)]

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 9 – here is the overview over tips:

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