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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 13 2012

Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Slovenia

This was maybe the easiest map to guess yet – except for Spain the first day (but then you were not really prepared). First I took a map sample without karst depressions – but then I found out it would be too difficult. The depressions were good for you I think… More than 120 correct answers is not bad. Here are some of the comments

  • On the west side, we can see the lipica’s cave. Surely the first cave that french team visited during a training camp. [Guess: Slovenia. Yep Beni, that’s right! Great terrain & great caves..]
  • Aargh! I remember how pissed I was that I couldn’t run on this map because of an injury last spring. Anyways – Vilenica. Just south of 12th control you see the entrance of the oldest tourist cave in Europe, Vilenica cave. [Guess: Slovenia. Slovenia is correct -and yes, that’s the Vilenica cave.]
  • Very hard terrain to run on. With grass and rocks on the ground you never know what you’re putting your feet on. Anyway Slovenia is always fun! [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Bacco]
  • Well. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Ivan – I guess that wasn’t exactly challenging for you :)]
  • Finally a map I can be sure about – Vilenica, in Slovenia, close to the coast. We were training there with Czech nat. team in 2010 and we are going to have TC in the area again in March. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Eva – always nice to see a map here you have run on – I am sure Slovenia in March will be great also!]
  • Typical Slovenia! [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks jokuja, that’s right!]
  • I’ve been there many times: Lipica [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Veitsi]
  • Croatia or Slovenia ? Hope i tell the good one … [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Bnco – you got it :)]
  • Vilenica..I run there 3 times ;) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Fabio Marsoner]
  • Lucky day: it took to me just one minutes to find the map. I just search for Slovenia-Lipica and found. All those stone walls… [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Brunic]
  • Finally an easy one! At least, for me! [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Alessio Tenani]
  • What a wonderful map! For a Swede like me, this was a great season opener with good weather and challenging orienteering! [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Malten, that’s correct.]
  • Whenever you put already out controls on a map and planned courses for training, being speaker at Lipica Open last year – its easy – Italy would be possible because the border is near – but it is Slovenia. Lipica Open organised for many years by Roman Volcic – now Ivan Nagy. A competition with long tradition – middle of March – you should come there once in your life. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Wolfgang – nice place indeed!]
  • Reminds me of Falun, so Sweden? [Guess: Sweden. Nope Terje, I am afraid that was wrong again.]
  • If we were allowed 3 guesses I’d be doing much better here… so I’m sure this one will actually turn out to be Slovenia or Croatia…. [Guess: Slovakia. Thanks Nic Gorman]
  • Slovenia, the X-tremor races in march! It was really fun :) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Larzsa]
  • Not so far from Triest (Italy) but I guess Slovenia. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Gigi]
  • Hungary… Or somewhere close (CZE, SVK?) [Guess: Hungary. Thanks sim – not far off – but doesn’t help you that much…]
  • Typical Lipica, Slovenia. Ran on this map 1992. It was then called “Lipica 3″. Yesterday: No, I haven’t run on the map, but not far away. I use to exchange maps, for some years by post, so I have thousands all over the world. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Cha – looks like your map exchange has brought you some nice map knowledge – you are still up there with all correct…]
  • Never ran there but maybe Slovakia [Guess: Slovakia. Thanks Saku – but that was wrong today..]
  • Looks kind of Slovenian, I’ll presume you’re not tricking us today then… :) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Colm – I’m not tricking you today either, no :)]
  • I think it’s like Slovenia or Slovakia. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Anastasiya – that’s right!]
  • Easier one again, Lipica Open 2012 – Slovenia! [Guess: Slovenia. Yep, Yannick:)]
  • Was there spring 2010 on a “no snow”-traningcamp with my club. This was the first training (and another one later in the week) and when we arrived there, it was 10cm snow on the ground! Was a disappointment and I missed heaps.. Second time it was no snow and I made a clean race. Really nice map. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Razz]
  • Been there, done that :-) and a lot of white horses… [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Guck, that’s right!]
  • nice to have an easier one again. Located in less than 2 minutes. But i needed another minute to sort out in which country it is.. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Alan, that’s good!]
  • Slopes look like Hungary, but stone-walls are rather from Slovenia. No browsing this time either, would be boring and time-consuming. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Markus, that’s right!]
  • Mr.Ivan Nagy tribute (he is doing amazing job out there)… I can go back to my lazy habbits faster than yesterday ;) [Guess: Slovenia. Good to hear Tatam – and maybe some training as well… :)]
  • I don’t know many countries where they have these ancient stone walls in the forest, but I know that it is quite typical in Sweden, Skåne or Småland at least. The colours and the overall look and feel also remind of southern Sweden. But the hill is huge and those karst like depressions… might as well be Slovenia or Slovakia. But let it be my first crazy guess – Sweden. [Guess: Sweden. Thanks Anatolijs – looks like the map says “S” to you – Southern Sweden, Skåne, Småland, Slovenia, Slovakia – but I’m sorry to say you got the wrong S today…]
  • my second day at the Woo Christmas quiz and now a map where I’ve run one year ago… Lucky! [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Lucia, nice with some luck!]
  • This could have been Croatia, Slovenia or even Italy, Hungary – was not that easy. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Janis, that’s right!]
  • Maps should not be googlable imho [Guess: Slovenia. And how are you going to achieve that, Stampfo?]
  • Too easy today :) First day of Lipica Open 2009 (Vilenica) :) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks FedeVenice, that’s right!]
  • The first map I’ve actually run on!! This makes it even more fun to place my guess! :-) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Bea, that’s right :)]
  • The first thing that came to my mind was Netherlands but, then I thougt about Germany because it’s close to netherlands, so I had to go with that! This was really hard! Btw, much credit to you for making these quizes !! [Guess: Germany. No, no, no…]
  • Everyone is getting right answers.. Why i am not? [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Oskari – you should get out travelling more – or check out omaps.worldofo.com on a more regular basis – maps are fun :)]
  • Karst but sparse with small depressions. Big hills. Beeing hungarian I knew it was not from home country. I seldom have seen stone fences i Slovakia. Stari tabor! 50km out of Ljublana. [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Tibor – good reasoning as always.]
  • We used to go to lipica with our club, including the very young runners. we always had to be prepared to organize a search-party for the lost kids in the Lipica forests. :D [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Tobi, that’s right!]
  • Switzerland?, France?, Croatia?, Slovenia?, Italy?, Israel?, … [Guess: Slovenia. Lucky to stop the wheel at the right place…]
  • Croatia? Slovenia? Hungary? Or maybe Slovakia? Slovenia should be right one to choose ;) [Guess: Slovenia. Thanks Vladyslav – still going strong!]
  • It looks very much like Jura with rocks, stones and also stone-walls in the forest – but on which side? – France or Switzerland? Let’s guess France. [Guess: France. Thanks Peggy – but you’ve got to travel a bit further…]

Here is the overview over tips:

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