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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 14 2012

Is this too easy? Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Germany

… but close to the Czech border – but I didn’t want to make it too easy – everybody knows about the sandstone terrain in Czech Republic. On the other hand there has been both World Cup and JEC on this map – and it has been featured on World of O more than once. All in all not bad with 129 correct answers – and 74 for Czech Republic.

Some of your comments from the day:

  • Okay, that can’t be any faster, I found the map 20sec after I saw the sample :) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Lekuu, that’s right! You were the first one commenting this morning :)]
  • Somehow familiar so I say France [Guess: France. Nope Saku – some similarities with all the stones, but if you look very carefully it looks a bit more sandstone-like in the way the cliffs are built up.]
  • I’m pretty sure that’s Fontainebleau [Guess: France. Thanks for your guess Benjam, but no..]
  • One of the best orienteering terrains in Germany! [Guess: Germany. That’s right Patiho, I’ve also enjoyed this one:)]
  • Katzstein near Dresden, World Cup Final 2004 was here! Really nice terrain! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Alexander – with a map on home ground you are still up there with the 9 others who have all correct so far.]
  • This one is an easy one even if I have not been there. Near Dresden. World cup in 2004 and JEC in 2009 was held there. [Guess: Germany. Thanks Eva, you are improving -or the maps are getting easier :)]
  • I was thinking about Czech republic, France, but also Germany – I have seen this map before – JEC was organised there some years ago I think, so my answer is Germany . Hope that all others voting for Czech republic, [Guess: Germany. Thanks Wolfgang – correct today. And why is it a problem that the others get it correct as well – it’s just a game to make people happy :)]
  • Sächsische Schweiz – on my list of places I’d love to orienteer! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Clare – you’ll have to take a trip there some day, yes!]
  • Ah, my feeling war right: First thought was WMOC 2012 but than I found the map: JEC 2009, map sample from SM 2008. [Guess: Germany. Thanks Veitsi, that’s right!]
  • Dresden, Germany… JEC 2009! [Guess: Germany. Yep, yannick!]
  • Been there, very nice sandstone terrain. JEC 2009 long distance, world cup 2006? [Guess: Germany. Thanks Alan – Germany is correct!]
  • Using a very Czech-looking map that is actually in Germany counts as a trick, right? [Guess: Germany. Thanks Kristaps, this is close to being a trick, I admit:) But it is a quite famous map – so as long as it is a classic I’m not sure it counts as a trick..]
  • This one is easy/classic. Germany [Guess: Germany. Thanks Sim – that’s right!]
  • Not far from the Czech border..but Germany?Maybe some victims today..:) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Fabio – and yes, quite a few missing narrowly..]
  • Nice memories from WCup 2004 in Dresde! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Beni, that’s right!]
  • 75% tell Czech Republic, I say Germany! [Guess: Germany. Quite close with your predictions there, Markus…]
  • This one is from Germany, WC 2004 Dresden, map “Sächsische Schweiz – Katzstein/Lampertstein”. For sure a super-cool terrain, but an infamous map for maybe most deviations from ISOM ever :-). See bottom of the page [Guess: Germany. Thanks Holger – I didn’t know about the ISOM deviations.. ]
  • How could i forget my disasterous race there in JEC 2009!? :) [Guess: Germany. Sorry for reminding you again, Janis…]
  • Good Czech-terrain here in Germany … [Guess: Germany. Thanks Rolf – you keep going well :)]
  • Let’s see how many voters will make the wrong choice – Czech Republic :) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Renars – and the answer you saw above.]
  • Typical Czech sandstone, but a warning bell is ringing. The terrain structure? I’ve seen the map before. It can be near Dresden. Yes! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Old – that’s right – good that you’ve got your warning bells…]
  • Quite easy this time … (and if I’m wrong???) :-) [Guess: Czech Republic. Nope Emi, not as easy as you thought. If something looks too good to be true, it often is…]
  • looking a bit czech [Guess: Czech Republic. Thanks Colm – but today you are back on the bad track..]
  • Katzstein-Lampertstein [Guess: Germany. Yep Marek, that’s right!]
  • I am too good for this game! [Guess: Germany. Hehe Brunic, we’ll see about that… Two wrong and one late means that there are 29 who are better than you so far..]
  • Propably wrong here as well, but this map-cut brings back memories from a cold and snowy Prague Easter. Even if I’m wrong I would like to say thanks for the “marka”. Good cake, good coffe, good Wurst and of course good beer – what else to expect in Czech Republic? [Guess: Czech Republic. Thanks Petta, but as you already understood, you’d rather say thank you for the “Bratwurst”:)]
  • I’m just guessing but this looks like sandstone pillar terrain, so it _can_ be in the Czech republic, but there are similar formations in several other places [Guess: Czech Republic. Thanks Terje – reasoning is good – but yet another time wrong..]
  • Look’s like Czech Republic – but it’s Germany. You’re clever, Jan! [Guess: Germany. Hehe Fritz – I can’t make it too easy either…?]
  • At first sight, Czech Republic for sure! …or? at least close to it (very much close to it) ;). Are you sure you’re not trying to trap us a little ? My guess : Germany, it reminded me of the final World-Cup 2004 in Dresden. [Guess: Germany. Excellent Tatam, you are playing the game very well after you started concentrating :)]
  • JEC 2011 :) [Guess: Germany. Thanks FedeVenice – that’s right!]
  • Looks like Czech Republic, but I guess is just on the other side from the border. I guess Sächsische Schweiz! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Gigi, that’s 11 in a row for you now!]
  • Surely Czech with those distinct uncrossable fences and rock features! [Guess: Czech Republic. Surely not, lorrieq!]
  • Germany, JEC 2009 long distance was on this map. 2 in a row! I’m good :D [Guess: Germany. Thanks Osamoborac – that’s right!]
  • Tricky one, but easy to find! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Lucia – good to see you found it..:)]
  • Katzstein, my girlfriend’s favorite map :) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Pva – a nice map indeed!]
  • Didn’t have time to search for any maps so I just guess, it kinda looks like some czech terrain so that’s my guess! [Guess: Czech Republic. Good try Jonas, but…]
  • I ran Jec there few years ago, still amazed by the fact that i couldn’t keep up with Eskil Kinneberg in a downhill there [Guess: Germany. Thanks Toon, that’s right!]
  • Just a fast look to recognize it, fast today! [Guess: Germany. Thanks Alessio – great pictures from Sicily you posted today BTW :)]
  • I have run there – WC in Dresden. Nice sandstone rocks. [Guess: Germany. Thanks Inga, that’s right – very nice!]
  • Finally something easier :) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Topi, that’s right!]
  • I new this one should be somewhere around Czech Paradise ;) [Guess: Germany. Thanks Vladyslav – you nailed it!]

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 13 – here is the overview over tips:

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