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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 19 2012

Hint for today: This one is in Europe. Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Switzerland

Switzerland was easy for many – but not for all. Quite characteristic terrain there – very nice orienteering. Some comments:

  • Waiting for my home country for many days. Arcegno, here we go! :) [Guess: Switzerland. Good work Pva – I was here training this spring, and enjoyed the terrain a lot:)]
  • I suppose it most be in the italian part of Switzerland – in Ticino, somewhere around Arcegno – having seen many maps from this area but never running there. [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Wolfgang, that is right!]
  • Cliffs with rounded ends? Must be Switzerland! [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Kyle, you attacked it another way:)]
  • Swiss middle champs 2012 [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Joost – that is right!]
  • Arcegno…too easy today :) [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks FedeVenice – need to make it a bit easier some days to keep up the interest:)]
  • Should be Tessin-terrain in Switzerland? [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Rolf, that is right!]
  • Hmhm..I saw only in Switzerland rocks mapped like that…somewhere in Tessin/Ticino! (Taverne, maybe Arcegno): I guess it! [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Alessio – that is right. Close to Italy it is..]
  • Finally! For the first time a map where I run on it! Arcegno, 6 giorni Italo-Svizzera and few trainings on it. [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Brunic, that is right!]
  • JWOC 2005 long , and the smashing Olav’s race [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Sim – Switzerland it is!]
  • my 1st response (sorry Jan but i don’t have so much time for your brilliant quiz) because i can not miss this map :) just 40Km near my home. Arcegno: JWOC 2005 long and Swiss Middle Championship in 2012… [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Gio – but you should try some of the more tricky ones as well…]
  • When you tell us it’s tricky it might be anywhere on the globe. ;) As I’m not travelling much I see most maps only at World of O (and nearly always guess wrong). I would like to run on this one! Maybe it’s in the south-east of Europe – or Turkey? [Guess: Turkey. Thanks Peggy – but Switzerland is the correct answer..]
  • Look like a Tettamanti map near Lugano. Ran Italy/Switzerland 6-days 2001. Switzerland! [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Cha, you nailed the terrain type at least…]
  • finally.. Have been running on this map lots of times but still one of the best in Tessin part of Switzerland. [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Alan, that is correct!]
  • Super easy for a Swiss O-Runner. Numerous national, regional competition on that map. Even JWOC- middle was held in this terrain with a swiss victory. I “only” ran on this map twice since I missed this years national middle distance championship, but of course immediately recognized the typical Tessin-Type of forrest. [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks LRunner – easy for a Swiss – probably difficult for a Canadian though…]
  • It wasnt easy – finally grey contour lines helped: Arcegno [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Genciana – good that you got it in the end!]
  • Wherever this turns out to be, I want to go there! (but I’d probably say that for most of the maps so far anyway) [Guess: Italy. Thanks Nic – close – but not close enough.]
  • This is the Arcegno map from the Swiss middle champs ’12. Said to be typical for the Tessin (Ticino) region. [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Holger – right!]
  • This feels like Europe so Canada is out of the question. I assume these steep hills reach almost 1000m which narrowes the scope to the Alps. There are no yellow pastures like in Italy. Appearantly no depressions either. There is a road climbing higher and higher with plenty of man made features (tracks, o-s) nearby. I do assume that one country appears only once in the quiz (I hope that I am right). It seems that what is left is either France or Switzerland… [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Tibor – correct!]
  • You’re putting many maps close to the Italian border, maybe one of these days you’ll come on our side of the Alps in the end :) [Guess: Switzerland. It you wait, you will see Bacco. Honestly I don’t even remember if I did…]
  • Swiss forest with a Swiss design [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Stephane, that is right!]
  • Not easy one… but I got some help from Mister Adamski who told me he ran (and pretty well) on this one once (JWOC 2005). “Arcegno”, Switzerland. Do i score a point anyway? [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Tatam – you get your point – you should give a big thank you to Philippe, though..]
  • (I have already guessed today, but I have to add my comment now :-) ) This map looked very familiar to me, I was sure I have run on the map, but could not remember which race or training… Now I finally recalled it – it is Arcegno in all its beauty :-) I run JWOC 2005 long (this map sample was used for model event) there – it was very hot weather on that day and I got totally exausted in the race – one the worst crisis I have ever had during the race… Will never forget :-) [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Pally]
  • In the beginning I was pretty sure that it is Italy :-) [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Alexander – good to see you are on the right road again…]
  • Wow! Second map from the quiz which I actually run – one of the stages of Tour O Swiss was hold here this year :) great one! [Guess: Switzerland. Thanks Vladyslav – correct again!]

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 18 – here is the overview over tips:

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