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WoO Christmas O-Quiz: Day 20 2012

Can you guess which country this map is from? The WorldofO Christmas O-Quiz gives you one map sample each day from December 1st until December 24th. You get one point for each day you guess the correct country for the map sample – can you make it all the way to 24?

Fill out your name, e-mail address and your guess for the country below! For a given day, only answers given between 05:00 CET and 23:59 CET on that day will be counted in the overall score. That means that even if you fill out the form on a later day, your answer will not be counted… You are only allowed to answer ONCE each day!

Correct answer yesterday: Serbia!

I have only Internet on my mobile phone now, so only a short message here. I read all your comments though, so keep them coming. I will get Internet some of the coming days I guess and include comments as you have got used to.

You did better tham I expected here – I was very umsure about this when seeing it again as it looks like a mix of scandinavian and alpine terrain. Good work!

Not all of you hit the jackpot on Day 19 – here is the overview over tips:

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