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Svetlana Mironova chooses Italy!

Svetlana Mironova had a fantastic 2014 season. WOC gold and EOC silver on long distance and EOC relay gold with the Russian team makes Mironova one of the most successful female orienteers in 2014 – quite a surprise for both Mironova and the rest of the orienteering world. Read on for the complete interview with Svetlana Mironova about her favourite courses and terrains this year.

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Q: What was the best course you run in 2014 – and why?
It is easy to understand that the World Championships Long distance in Italy (see the complete course for the women here and the analysis of the race here) was my best race this summer. It was the race where I managed to keep the concentration permanently all the time, and I had control over every moment of this small “life”: speed up, down, read map more carefully and so on. From that point of view, World Championship Long distance was the best course of the year as I see it.

Q: What was the most interesting orienteering terrain you run in 2014 – and why?
I can’t definitely point at one terrain but I should say that it was really exciting to run in Murcia in the World Cup long distance (I did not finish because of injury), the terrain near the middle distance final in WOC (and some model maps as Kubelek), the terrain where 25manna took place and Venice.

The World Cup in Murcia was very challenging physically because of the very big slopes and ravines with sandy and stony rockslides. Without forest – very hard in warm weather – and very detailed. I have never met such terrain before, and I liked it.

The terrain near the middle distance at WOC was very exciting and difficult to run in because of a mix of plenty of details from The First World War (trenches, holes) and natural tectonic stony ground, orbed and slippery (I enclose a photo of how it looked).


The third one, the terrain of 25manna-korten 2014, is one of my favourite terrains not far from my clubhouse, extremly detailed and really beautiful, with stony hills with pine forest on the top and spruce forest in low places between the hills. This is terrain which you will never learn to run on memory. You need all your orienteering skills to run successfull there: perfect map reading, following compass, etc.

And what about Venice! This is really unique place, one in the world!

Q: Usually the courses in interesting terrains are the ones you remember – so a challenge for you: Can you remember a very good course you ran in “boring” terrain this year?

The last day of O-Ringen 2014. It wasn’t really boring, but maybe less exciting. The terrain was more continental than you usually await from Swedish terrain, and some parts of the terrain was without interesting points for controls. But I am sure that the course took everything possible from that terrain, and finally it was interesting and fast. It made me think a lot about my route choices: should I run straight or go around.

Q: What is the worst course you run in 2014?

The Russian National Championships in city sprint, which was really boring and easy. I enclose a part of the map. The first reason is the poor course (you can see that the last part of the course was just around the wall), the second reason is my really boring feeling during that race.

When I recognized that the course did not have any difficulties in the orienteering, I felt bored and tired. And that was the first step to my defeat that day. Finally, I did some mistakes and did not run fast enough. You should do orienteering in the best way possible weather the course is interesting or not. That is why I really want to define this course as my worst one.


Q: Did you set any courses in 2014? If so, is it possible to share the best (in your opinion) with World of O’s readers?
I wasn’t a course setter in any competitions this year, but enclosed is a training course which I planned for my friends as a preparation for the national championships (see map below – click here for larger). The terrain is in my home region.

Q: In how many countries did you run orienteering in 2014 (difficult question, I know)?
Well, nothing really difficult, because I can count countries I’ve visit this year easy: Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Finland and Russia, of course! So, 8!

Q: What is the race you look most forward to in 2015?
It is a really difficult questio,n because it is very difficult for me to think about one day in the next year. I like orienteering and I just want to learn it and do it better and better.

Q: What are your goals for next year – and do you plan to change your training and/or focus in order to reach your goals in 2015?
No big changes. I want to pay more attention to training, better recovery balance, and continue to trust to my coach!

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