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Course of the Year 2014: Submit your suggestions!

WOC Middle 2014 Men

What was the best orienteering course of 2014? Two years in a row we have had a Portuguese winner – a spectacular sprint between boulders and old building last year and some great technical orienteering in 2012. In 2011 the WOC middle distance in France took the first place and the year before a very special Jukola relay won.

Which course will take the prestigious top spot this year? YOU are the one to decide – first by submitting suggestions – and then by voting. As part of the “Course of the Year 2014″ we have got some great interviews from top runners where they talk about their favourite courses and maps from the last year: Starring Thierry Gueorgiou, Judith Wyder, Yannick Michiels, Baptiste Rollier, Svetlana Miranova, Aleksandr Kratov, Ida Bobach, Søren Bobach, Lauri Sild and Annika Billstam. There is really something to look forward to the coming weeks!

The search for the course of the year  will be fun for sure! The rules are simple: Suggest a course from a competition or training in 2014, and state the reason why you think this course deserves to be “The course of the Year 2014″. The best among all the suggestions will be chosen – and there will be a voting process among the readers of “World of O” in order to name “The course of the year 2014″. And please, please, please state the reason for your suggestion!

More than 2000 Euro worth of prizes for YOU

Prizes from sponsors make it more fun to be in on the suggestions and voting. This year we again have some great sponsors and prizes – with a total value of more than 2000 Euro. We hope this means many good suggestions & a lot of interactivity from YOU! See all details about the 7 sponsors & prizes below – to me all of them are tempting!

Use the comments below, and submit either

  1. The course which in your opinion is the best course you run in 2014 yourself!
  2. The best course you set this year as a course-setter.
  3. The overall best course you have seen/heard about in 2014

Most course-setters surely have to make some compromises, so finding the perfect one is probably not possible. Still, it is interesting to see which is the best course you run or set in 2014!

Starting point

To provide you with a starting point, I’ve picked out a few different candidates for you based on maps and courses I have seen in omaps.worldofo.com and comments on various webpages:

  • The WOC middle distance in Italy (part of the course is shown at the top of this article) is clearly a good candidate for the course of the year 2014. A very varied course – taking the athletes through several distinct terrain types. But can the course compete against the competition?
  • But WOC isn’t everything – there are many interesting courses on all levels out there, and not only in the forest. A course which has received a lot of praise this year is the PWT race  “Race the Castle” in Stirling, Scotland this autumn. A great sprint course with a lot of variation.
  • The most interesting course I set myself this year is probably the first stage of Lipica Open – but with all the great courses out there this one does not even deserve to be nominated (far too many controls when I look at it now, but that was a decision to best fit the terrain).

I am sure you have a lot of better suggestions than the one I gave above – this is just a starting point to see the wide variety of candidates there are out there. Submit your suggestions now!


The following rules are given for “The course of the Year 2014″.

  • The course must have been run in competition or training in 2014.
  • Suggestions are submitted as a comment to this post – including link to the map with course in a quality which is good enough for the readers to understand the course and the challenges involved. Please add information about location/date if that is not clear from the link provided. Also include which sponsor prize you are interested in if you win.
  • You must give a reason for why you think this course deserves to be named “The course of the Year 2014″ (or why it is the best course you run/set this year). All reasons are valid. Examples can for example be “varied orienteering challenges”, “extremely technical orienteering”, “high fun-factor”, “fantastic map”, “spectacular orienteering”, “fantastic nature” – a combination of these – or a totally different reason. To get all the way to the top you should probably have a combination of reasons…
  • The course may be any discipline – e.g. a long distance, a middle distance, a sprint distance. It may also be a technical training course – like e.g. a corridor orienteering exercise.
  • There will be a voting process among the readers of “World of O” in order to name “The course of the year 2014″. This is your second chance to win sponsor prizes!
Prizes from our Sponsors

Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming “The course of the Year 2014″, and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. All prizes are transferable to other persons (you don’t have to travel yourself).

Event sponsor: Andalucia O-Meeting 2015. 27th-28th February & 1st March 2015
  • Prize offered: AOM Competition Package for 4 persons – including entry to 4 events in 3 days, 4 nights accommodation in apartment and a 4-map training package before or after the event. Value about 600 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • Sweet terrains and maps, nearby accommodations and high level competitions (2 WREs) in a very mild climate! More info at aom2015.com

Event sponsor: Liburnija Orienteering Meeting 2015. 14th-15th March 2015
  • Prize offered: Big club package with entry for Liburnija Orienteering Meeting 2015 for 10 persons! Value about 200 Euro. Transferable to other person(s).
  • The second edition of Liburnija Orienteering Meeting will be organized on the snow-free terrains of the island of Krk from 14th-15th of March 2015. Our vision is that this event becomes one of highlights of winter orienteering events in Europe for elite runners so therefore expect demanding courses and extreme terrain. Read more here

Event sponsor: Bergen Sprint Camp – January 30th – February 1st 2015
  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each consisting of 2 complete Bergen Sprint Camp packages: Entry for all 4 races + training Friday morning + Saturday evening program consisting of presentations and dinner. Value about 375 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • For the 6th time in a row, BSC is held in the city center of Bergen, Norway. We provide all participants with challenging courses, good maps and interesting analysis of the sessions – hoping to improve the sprint orienteering technique for everyone. See more at Sprint-Camp.blogspot.no – including all courses and analysis from previous editions of BSC.

Event sponsor: Orievents / NAOM 2015. 31st January – 1st February 2015
  • Prize offered: Competition + training package for 2 persons, consisting of: Entry for NAOM 2015 (January 31st – Middle + WRE Sprint (Marvão), February 1st – Middle distance) + training camp (6 trainings) + 3 days of accommodation in half board. Value about 270 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • Orievents Training Camps “Alto Alentejo” are an excellent training opportunity for Orienteering of good quality during the winter. Start the new season in training camps in Alto Alentejo, Portugal! More at www.naom.pt and about the training camp at Orievents.

Event sponsor: Portugal O-Meeting 2015. 13th – 17th February 2015
  • Prize offered: 2 packages – each one for 2 persons – consisting of: Entry fees for the 4 stages of POM 2015, model events, night sprint and sprint relay. Value about 200 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • Portugal O’ Meeting is already a well-known established international event, normally reaching the highest average points in World Ranking Events, excluding the World Championships and World Cup events. More at pom.pt.

Event sponsor: Lipica Open 2015. 7th – 11th March 2015
  • Prize offered: 3 packages – each for 2 people – consisting of: Entry to complete 5 day Lipica Open competition + Slovenia training package consisting of up to 3 trainings. Value about 300 euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • In 2015 Lipica open will again be organized as a 5 day event. Again we will add some new terrain and combine diverse areas. Training conditions in this part of Europe are now better than ever – both on forest maps and on sprint maps of nice little towns on the Adriatic coast! More at www.lipicaopen.com – for trainings see www.orienteering.si

Event sponsor: Kopaonik Open 2015
  • Prize offered: 2 competition packages, each consisting of 2 entries to Kopaonik open 2015 (5 competition stages + 1 training)
    and the Cup of Raska 2015 entry fee (1 competition stage).  Value about 200 Euro. Transferable to other persons.
  • We are offering to you 6 days of orienteering challenges for you, combination of two classical long, two middle and one sprint distance challenges plus one night orienteering challenge with separate ranking, 1 training plus 6 competition stages in total. For more info see  www.kopaonikopen.org

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  1. because it was the most technical sprint I have ran.

    Lipica Open 2015

  2. The 2014 Irish Orienteering Championships Classic is the most wonderfully exhilarating race I have run.

    Routegadget – http://www.orienteering.ie/gadget/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=376 will give an inkling of why. The (new) map, Ireland’s highest, depicts beautiful open mountain terrain, practically path-free, on top of (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turlough_Hill_Power_Station ) Turlough Hill. The routes taken on M21E suggest something historic.

    A perusal of some ( http://www.attackpoint.org/racesplits.jsp/race_14702 )training log posts from the race may give a feel for the experience. The clouds were down, and 13km of orienteering through peat hags and heather with no visibility and no trails was a challenge all the way.

    Photos: http://actionphotography.ie/gallery/irish-orienteering-championships-2014-day-3/ It may not have been a World Champs or a Jukola, but it was the most amazing!

  3. We’ve organized many competition days this year, but this must have been our highlight of 2014: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t31.0-8/10535775_702634796500244_5844007711421943915_o.jpg

    Nice area and good job by course planner Daniel Lebar.

    Few comments from internet (mostly attackpoint logs):

    “Sick area. Long distance at 1:7500 because of the amount of detail.”

    “Such a technical area!”

    “Best area I’ve run on for years (possibly ever). Was properly lost for the first time in a long while blowing 5 minutes on one control.”

    “Fantastic area and race.”

    “Terrain was pretty special! Rocky and very technical.”

    “For me it was the best (oocup??) stage ever (I’m not talking about result, I talk about enjoying it).”

    “Extremely challenging terrain…”

    And the organizer’s view on the race:

    “We have used the forest in northern part of Velika planina quite a few times in previous years, but due to restricted possibilities of parking and Finish arena placement, we’ve always done it with some kind of compromise. Sometimes a large portion of the courses was placed in open areas, sometimes there was lots of walking to start and/or back to Finish. This year we wanted to offer some pure orienteering on new and enlarged Tiha dolina map, with courses only in forest and without massive walks before or after the race. The idea to hire buses to drive competitors to and from terrain on relatively steep gravel road where 2 buses cannot even meet… well it sounded a bit risky at first (btw. the first Bus company which we contacted refused to do the job). In the final end, however, everything worked well and I believe this was one of the best stages in OOcup history.”

  4. Marcus Millegård

    NM Ultralong was a really good course in a really good area for orienteering.
    Perhaps not the most technical one, but still a lot of demanding route choices.

    Otherwise I have to say that I have run a couple of pretty bad relay courses this year. I ran the longest night leg at 10mila as well as Night hawk. These events were both well organized but the course setting was far from optimal. Both contained too many controls without any routechoices, making it very hard for the best runners to break away. Perhaps fortunate for less skilled orienteers like me but not good for the competitions as a whole.

    • The Night Hawk night legs were heavily impacted by nature preserve regulations, the organizers had to write 100+ letters to the authorities, and the controls were moved (by non-orienteers!) multiple times.

      • Marcus Millegård

        Thanks for your comment Terje. As a runner it is easy to complain about the courses but you are not aware of all the constraints and limitations the organisers have to take into consideration. Like I said Night hawk was a well organized and very enjoyable event, as well as 10MILA. However, I still think it would have been possible to offer more long legs with interesting route choices at both events. Control picking at night relays packs the best and second best teams together but actually make it even harder for the worse teams as they are not able to follow the front pack and then get nothing for free, as well as for the novel orienteers.

    • Thanks! NM Ultralang had some nice long legs. Here is the course in omaps: http://omaps.worldofo.com/index.php?id=121740

  5. For me both Long and Middle distance races of Mediterranean Championships in Orienteering 2014 were great courses. The technical challenges were constant and the course setting style was correctly adjusted to the respective distances.
    I prefer the long distance course, because the terrain was on of the most demanding we have in Portugal. Thierry Gueorgiou did an amazing race, winning by 3 minutes in front of Olav Lundanes.

    Middle: http://mco2014.ori-estarreja.pt/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Middle_MSE.jpg
    Long: http://mco2014.ori-estarreja.pt/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Long_MSE.jpg

    More info at: http://mco2014.ori-estarreja.pt/?lang=en

  6. Favourite course among many italians would be for sure JWOC middle distance this year ;-)
    Probably the most technical race in this year JWOC and many interesting short controls combined with good route choices in such a short course! (http://news.worldofo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Middle-F_M20_A.jpg)

    Then I would suggest NAOC 2014 Long Distance as a course in a unique terrain, which put together technical challenges and great route choices among the lakes.

    (http://www.powersoft.ca/files/results_centre/maps/long_course_10_part1.pdf and

  7. I agree with Ivan. The W21E course I ran at the OO cup day 4 was just brilliant – the best of 2014 by a long way for me. Great terrain, great course, so many physical and navigational challenges, lots of variety of terrain – 100% fun!

  8. The best course I ran was the middle distance at Alpe Adria Cup in Italy, although it was really the terrain that made it special rather than just the course setting: http://omaps.worldofo.com/index.php?id=116231

    I was also very sad that I got sick and couldn’t start NM ultralong, it looked really cool.

    (POM yes please!)

  9. I lost most of this season due to a foot/ankle injury that required an operation in June, followed by and long rehabilitation period, but at the end of the season I got to run Blodslitet which must count as the best race of the year for me:

    Blodslitet H55

    Most of the classes had similar courses, with the elites doing several loops first before the main part.

  10. I am nominating Lapplands 5-days, day 3 in Geargevággi/Kärkevagge.
    One of the most fascinating nature areas I have encountered, a unique area north of the Artcic Circle, offering extremely intensive orienteering and good runnability.

    Map: http://www.dxdeluxe.se/linnekartparmen/show_map.php?user=alri&map=3766
    Photo of area: http://i.imgur.com/v0PfdiN.jpg

    • Wow, this really looks like a great terrain. Thanks a lot for posting it. This is one of the reasons why I look forward to Course of the Year every autumn!

  11. I would like to nominate the Ultralong championship in Finland. Tough courses and good terrain.


    (Only found the M20 map, maybe M21 would be better?)

  12. Always nice to remember on some competitions looking on maps I’d like to suggest. Thanks for that Jan!

    This was again hard choice to name just few, but here are my suggestions:
    1)As Ivan suggested OOCup stage on Velika planina, I have no other choice, but to move to another competition where I was part of organization team. Map is from Lipica open E2, nice long distance on tough terrain, really rocky. http://www.bestik.cz/mapy/show_map.php?user=nuf&map=3009
    Won by Olav Lundanes with more than 5min margin.

    2)25Manna middle – I was running M21E2, but here I found map from M21E1 http://archive.spjelkavik.net/doma/show_map.php?user=norbech&map=455 . Gustav Bergman was course setter and he did really nice job there. Really nice area combined with really nice course. Thierry himself said that “it was one of best courses he ran this year”.

    3)And, almost forgot “most romantic” orienteering this year. Again Slovenia, again organization (control setting), but this time Bubo Cup E4! Early morning (6AM), rainy day, checking controls and turning on SI stations. Terrain really beautiful, karst, but flat and fast….so fun!

  13. I would like to nominate this years ArgeAlp ME course. The best long distance course I run these year. Thought terain, great route choices and a great starting field.
    And the sprint race from the Tallinn-O-Week. On the first view it doesn´t look to spectacular, but there were some tricky controls and the terrain was very diversified.

  14. Like Ivan suggested, OOCup day 4 was a really amazing race. Most of the of reasons for my choice can be picked up from his comment. But because there was also an ultimate class, where paths wasn’t marked in themap, the challenge was then even bigger. So I suggest for categories 1 and 3 OOCup day 4 and M21ultimate: http://www.adam-chromy.cz/map-archive/show_map.php?user=chra&map=263

  15. Etappe 5 at Swiss O Week (Trockener Steg) – http://www.routegadget.ch/binperl/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=37&kieli=
    Was by far the most breathtaking area I have ever run in, full of rocks and snow and views of the Matterhorn. The courses were very challenging but it was really the terrain that made this my favourite course and possibly the most spectacular backdrop to an orienteering event ever!
    I guess I nominate H21E just because that course got to spend the most time enjoying the area :)

  16. The Alpe Adria Middle WRE at Cansiglio looked very nice and technical to run – I wish I had gone!

  17. Naom Sprint WRE in Castelo de Vide was a very nice sprint course i ran this year, with plenty of route choices and constant decisions through the narrow streets, making it even more challenging. Plenty of good runners at the start have made it more interesting.


  18. For me the best course of the year was undoubtedly the long distance of the MCO in Aguiar da Beira. It was an amazing terrain and a very interesting course.

    Link: http://doma.entrebalizas.org/show_map.php?user=lorcao_rferra&map=1054

  19. Carolina Delgado

    I think WOC 2014 Men´s Sprint Final in Venezia was the best course this year. A very challenging course, with many interesting route choices, and surprising winners.


    Andalucia o meeting for me please !

  20. I think the best course i´ve seen this year was the World cup in Imatra. The men´s course was very challenging, and the organization did a very good job placing the temporary fences and making very interesting route choices.


    I would like Andalucia O Meeting.

  21. Hello, For me the best course i´ve seen this year was definitely the WRE Middle distance in Valgiardini. This competition was part of 3 days of trenches and it was a preparation race for Woc. The course was very chalenging, with plenty of rounte choices, and long and short legs made it a very demanding course.


    Andalucia O meeting please

  22. Slovak ranking event – middle distance, September 20th 2014. Terrain was used first time for orienteering. I was surprised how demanding terrain we have close to Spiš Castle. Area tested both technical and physical skills of runners. Map was perfect – made by Róbert Miček. Travertine stone formations were sometimes 10-15 m high and they created labyrinth which required precise orientation. Course was nice and you had to change speed all the time. Definitely best orienteering experience of the year 2014!

    I choose Orievents / NAOM 2015 prize.

  23. WUOC middle distance

    One of the most demanding map where I ever run!
    You must run really fast in the white area but you must be really precise into the green, you could pass at 2m from the control point and don’t see it!

    AOM =)

  24. Frederic Portoleau

    Désert du Carlit,

    Long distance, 2 days of Cerdagne, September 9th 2014
    Lac des Bouillouses, Font Romeu, France

    Combination of fantastic nature and technical orienteering. First race since 15 years in this protected area.



  25. BSC finale, because it was the most fun I have had in a race this year.


    A perfect area for sprint orienteering, and the fact that the route choices were more complex than the usual right/left choice made this course interesting. The mass start added some extra stress and made it even more challenging.

  26. I enjoyed most the swiss longdistance champs (HE) on Klausenpass.
    Map: http://www.routegadget.ch/binperl/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=49&kieli=
    Pictures from the area: http://www.lom2014.ch/gelaende

    Because the four very different and exciting terrains: alpine pasture, pepple area, difficult detailed small hills, semi-opened area. Also the area was over 2000 m above sea level.

    I would like POM =)

  27. I think one of the most particular races I run this year was a local race in Chironico (Ticino). The terrain was really demanding for both running and map reading. This area is used by people doing bouldering because of the big stones. I really enjoyed the HAL course which had also a little part in a little tricky village. Because of the map scale we had a map change so the route gadget look a bit confused.

    Map: http://www.asti-ticino.ch/co/routeGadget/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=98&kieli=
    Video of the terrain (10’10”-12’40”): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNjd9yWS5hU

    I would like Lipica Open

  28. good and really funny training, requiring different techniques.

    I would like Lipica Open

  29. The best course I run in 2014 was definitely SOW Etappe 5 in Trockener Steck, someone mention it above already! Breathtaking scenary, snow, amazing environment and terrain and the first time i actually run in the snow. AMAZING.

    My best course setting for this year was the Portuguese Long Distance Championship 2014, http://s24.postimg.org/73na4qegz/P01.png and http://omaps.worldofo.com/index.php?id=116008 both ME and WE times were in the 90min frame, it was a incredible terrain that gave me huge pleasure to do course setting! Ive tryed to give the athlets long legs with route choices but with some technical slow areas also.

    The best course ive seen in 2014 was my first choice, SOW etappe 5 :)

    I would like Andalucia O-Meeting 2015 prize :)


    • Thanks a lot Joao! I enjoyed Trockener Steg a lot – just like you did! The Portuguese long distance champs also look really nice – you have really got a lot of interesting terrain in Portugal! No coincidence that we’ve got several winners from Portugal before …

  30. I am not the first to suggest this, but I agree on Alpe Adria’s Middle distance in Cansiglio being one of the best courses I have seen this year! The terrain was just incredible! You always had to be really focused in order not to make parallel mistakes, it felt just like running through a labyrinth.
    The only downside were the aggressive nettles… so itchy!


  31. I would like to suggest a course which I have planned this year – the W20/21E course for the Austrian Sprint championship: http://ol-shop.at/cgi-bin/reitti.cgi?act=map&id=25&cID=2&dim=0
    Although a park sprint, we were able to offer demanding route choices in 2-3 different terrain types: park with a lot of vegetation details, lakes/ponds and a flowerbed labyrinth; multi-level building complex – adjacent to the Vienna International Centre with UN, IAEA buildings. These areas are separated by dense forest areas and rough open areas – ideal for route choices. The finish area offered very good opportunities for spectators to see parts of the competition area and cheer on the runners and the winners got a ticket to the top of the Danube tower (250 m) to check out the terrain from above after the competition. As far as I know no one has chosen all the best route choices.

    Another course I really liked was the WUOC Long distance: http://wuoc2014.cz/maps/AMS%202014_Nektavske%20udoli_trat%20M.pdf We had a lot of discussions about the best route choices afterwards.

    Sponsor prize: NAOM 2015

  32. I have couple of nice courses and terrains this year.
    the one was world cup public competitions in Murcia. Terrain give you some great views. Also Iceland-o was something never forget. Also all Finnish championship terrains and final courses were great this year. And should not forget visiting Paris o-tour or Ruka in fin-5.
    One great terrain was maybe one of the most difficult at Finland http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-zKZZk1t1IWg/U5giKbbcwCI/AAAAAAAAA08/REMvuXABnbg/s1600/WP_20140611_12_13_35_Pro.jpg
    It was in Torniolaakson rastipäivät
    Photo near the first control: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0FNGl63lmZE/U5giP81HXBI/AAAAAAAAA1E/Tu8Rd9L38B8/s1600/WP_20140607_15_05_33_Pro.jpg

    But my suggest is Finnish Championship at sprint:
    Everything was great, map, course and terrain.

  33. For me best course in 2014 – Sprint Tour Sankt-Peterburg (11 event).
    Start takes place in the center of St. Petersburg. Set of ancient buildings, churches, narrow passes, yards, rivers, bridges… Very beautiful!!!
    Start takes place on Saturday specially early in the morning to avoid a large number of cars.
    Each stage demands very careful attention as there are a lot of options of the movement and not all can be found at once. And all this at very high speed…
    Sponsor prize: Lipica Open 2015

  34. Best course in 2014 it was WC Spain Long distance. Unique terrain, a lot of route choice, real long.

    Second best WC Norway Long distance. All stars at starting field, physically difficult and relay important route choice.

    Sprint and middle at WOC is on third position. When competition stress so high and course in so special place it is unbelievable difficult
    Sponsor prize NAOM 2015

    • Thanks, Artem! Both these long distance courses seem to be popular – and I understand why! Sprint and middle WOC courses were also pointed out by several of the top runners in the interviews (still some to come:).

  35. WOC mellem

    Like saying in the text, extremely varied, nice terrain and a good course.

    Event sponsor: Orievents / NAOM 2015. 31st January – 1st February 2015

  36. I would like to nominate the qualification race for the Swedish championships in sprint (31/5).
    Link to the M21 A-heat: http://rejset.se/filer/upload/H21A.png
    All courses from the competition (scroll down for the qualification):

    This is one of the most challenging sprint-courses I’ve ever run in Sweden. I think the course setter used the area very well. The icing on the cake would be the perfectly positioned fence (towards the 15:th control in M21 A). The fence created two routechoice-legs where you really had to be ahead on the map, otherwise you could lose a lot of time. It’s very seldom you face this kind of challenges in a Swedish sprint since the areas usually are quite boring. I would therefore say that this is one of the best courses of 2014.

    Prize: Portugal O-meeting

  37. The most interesting courses for ME this year were in Zermatt during SOW. Both the sprint in Zermatt and the barren moon lanscape up at Trockener Steg at 2900 m have given me lasting impressions.

    However, my nomination for the best course(s) is the long distance World Cup courses at Kongsberg, June 8th this year. This is orienteering back to its roots with a good balance of route choice-, navigational-, and physical challenges.


  38. I have a very interesting map and course, it is a map from Israel in a very big shopping center.
    it is called Azrieli Center. It consists of 3 buildings each 50 floors of offices and the area between them from the parking to the 4th level is a map. The map has 8 levels but last o-event only used 7.
    during the o-event everything is ok to use – escalator, elevator etc..
    i planned the course and organized the o-event there with my club.

    here is the map and course

    also a short clip from the event

    image of the shopping center

  39. I would like to nominate the Hikuwai “Maze of Death” training from the New Zealand Junior Camp.

    It was actually in December 2013, but this is after the Course of the Year 2013 was awarded so hopefully it qualifies!


    Very technical terrain on a very detailed map. The “Triple Shot” course was set by Matt Ogden and was one of the best training courses I have ever done.

    The green is Kanuka bushes/trees which are over head height so very easy to get disorientated. A video of the area is here (although from a different training we did in the afternoon): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5gPmuBxIGA

  40. Stage 3 of Sprint the Bay in New Zealand (omaps – http://omaps.worldofo.com/index.php?id=108527) is amazing sprint map with many interesting routes and difficult choise. Really good work of course setter.
    Prize AOM

  41. I am going for a map wich I dont think somebody mentioned before. Its from Baltic Cup in May in Poland. A nice mixture of forest styles and some really beautiful controls next to the beach/sea.



    Prize: AOM

  42. This course is the middle distance from Troféu de Orientação do Minho 2014 and it took place in a spectacular terrain, very technical and with good courses.



    Troféu de Orientação do Minho 2015 (WRE) – 21 and 22 february

  43. Georg Sengstschmid

    We (Jörg Schaumann and me) organised a training competiton on the 22th february 2014 in Zillingdorf (about 50km south of Vienna). The Map itself is rather “easy” but this was the challenge. We tried to set an interesting course on this map with an extra competition inside: The runners of the elite-categorie had to choose twice which route to run: The “A”- or the “B”-route. There was no “wrong” route but there was a quicker ;-)
    Half of the runners ran the “A”-route, the other half ran the “B”-route. We think this is the best review for the organisers that it was a little bit tricky.

    Part 1: http://maps.plohni.com/show_map.php?user=plohni&map=1133

    map change and:
    Part 2: http://maps.plohni.com/show_map.php?user=plohni&map=1134

  44. From Australia – I liked the National Ultra-Long Championship. It was on excellent terrain (Kooyoora). The course was three loops with a combination of hagaby style splits and butterflies to break up the runners. The contenders came together at the end and the result was decided by a key route choice leg that took runners through or around the assembly area for the benefit of spectators.
    Loop 1: http://doma.orienteering.asn.au/show_map.php?user=kEEly&map=1232
    Loop 2: http://doma.orienteering.asn.au/show_map.php?user=kEEly&map=1233
    If you take this one further I can get hold of a map with all loops.
    Loop 3: http://doma.orienteering.asn.au/show_map.php?user=kEEly&map=1234

  45. I have to propose the last leg of the Harry Lagert Night Cup in 2014. Legendary class and a legendary course set by Christian Vogelsang. 15 km at night with fog this is extremely difficult. I tried parts of the course at daytime a few weeks ago. Even difficult at daytime.

  46. I would nominate Murray Strain’s “night sprint” in Edinburgh.


    Because it shows a great course doesn’t require a magnificent area.
    Because this is also an armchair challenge just to find the best routes.
    Because getting the shortest route always mattered.
    Because many world class runners were losing over a minute with route choice in a sprint.
    Because the unlikely winner from a world-class field was the guy who nailed the best routechoices.

  47. The best course setting for me this year was the first stage of Portuguese Sprint distance Championship 2014 in Beselga, Penedono ( http://s15.postimg.org/h43v6elcp/P10.png ). The map and terrain were amazing, with very narrow paths. The first leg was the secret for the amazing tricky course, with a lot of route choices. I had a little help from the map-maker Tiago Aires, because in the beggining i couldn’t think of a connection from the start to the first control. The second stage of the Portuguese Sprint Distance Championship was in the village center of Penedono ( http://s23.postimg.org/unzhpcjjd/P10x.png ), very good also, but the first sprint in my opinion is much better. ;)
    For me the best course i run this year, was NAOM Sprint WRE in Castelo de Vide. The inicial legs were very fast with constant decision that required full concentration on the map.
    The best course ive seen this year is yet another sprint: the WOC Men’s Final Sprint in Venezia.
    Andalucia O-meeting 2015 for me!

  48. The World Cup sprint final in Imatra!!! Definitely the greatest sprint I ran in 2014. “Extremly unexpectible orienteering labirint” of artificial fanses and other barriers made a lot of route choice and made my brain burn durind the race. That is the way to make sprint,in towns with poore buildings sistem, more difficult and intresting both for athlets and spectators. Here we came to the beginning of what our sport is – orienteering in a unknown terrain! I would deffinitely run something crazy like this again and again and again!


    And for the price I would like to have this Event sponsor: Orievents / NAOM 2015. 31st January – 1st February 2015.

  49. The JWOC middle final, it´s a unique map, I have only found in Bulgaria. You have to orienteer with a very acurated technique, and be precise if you want to find the control. Otherwise you can stay 5 meters away from the control on a different reentrant and don´t find it.This course also had some slopes what put a bit of fisical part to the race.
    Apart from that the forest was very nice.


    About the price I would like to have Andalucia O-Meeting

  50. Time for the requisite submission from Canada! I’m going to throw in the M21E Middle distance from the Canadian Championships in Whistler –


    Its a very cool map, and more difficult than at first glances, being quite rocky underfoot, at fairly high altitude, and with lots of small features. Here are a few photos:

    and although not an earth-shattering unique course, it was great fun, provided plenty of challenge!

  51. From an armchair point of view Day 3 of Sprint the Bay on the “Sacred Girls” map. I do not think that I have taken longer to determine my route choices!! Planning making the most of the area.


    Prefer Portuguese O-Meeting 2015


  52. Ari-Pekka Joensuu

    I think NM ultralang is the best classical long distance course seen so far. I didnt run myself but it looked so good with long route choiches.

    I would really like andalusia o- meeting ;)

  53. From Lithuania

    Course: http://www.soderskartarkiv.se/ska/show_map.php?user=Gediminas&map=433

    It was sprint distance mixed with labirint. The map wasn’t very interesting, but labirint made it challenge for everyone. This is how you can make good training or competition with not the best map :)

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-UTnbPMQ6E

    Prize: Lipica Open or Liburnija Orienteering Meeting

  54. I ran a lot of competition this year in 9 different countries, however the best was on my home ground Lithuania.

    It was Spring Cup long distance in Aukstadvaris! A lot of route choices among long legs, demanding short legs, a lot of negative forms and very hard ground for running. This course also was nominated “The best course in Lithuania 2014″ and won the title.

    Course: http://www.springcup.lt/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Second-day_Long_M21E.jpg

    Results: http://www.dbtopas.lt/takas/lt/varz/2014002/rezgru/M?diena=2

    Next year Spring Cup will take part in quite similar terrain and this terrain looks like WOC 2017 Estonia.

    Prize: Bergen Sprint Camp

  55. My choice would be the middle distance final on JWOC which was the most challenging course I have ever run with intricate details and hard orienteering all the way. A really technical area. Taking it easy would have been smart.


    Preferred prizes: Andalucia O-Meeting or Liburnija Orienteering Meeting

  56. Just like TG, I nominate the 3rd stage of POM, the WRE Race.
    This was my main course setting this year and it was really challenging and funny to do it.


    The terrain was just awesome and special, and the course varied from almost a control picking in the beggining, to some longer legs always in a “aggressive” terrain and after the passage the arena the course was held in a steep forest also very interesting. Always surrounded by big and beautiful stones :)

    About the female course (http://news.worldofo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/03W21EDia3_s.jpg) is not everyday that you see some of the best loosing so much time in the beggining. (2drerun: http://3drerun.worldofo.com/2d/?server=tracms.germanmaster.traclive.dk&eventid=fe1d27f0-6fbe-0131-0fb6-10bf48d758ce&liveid=739fe9e0-8298-0131-22f6-10bf48d758ce)

    Andalucia O-Meeting 2015!

  57. Of the many races run this year around Asiago the one I enjoyed the most was Italian Cup long distance in Barricata.


    The terrain is just wonderful and the course provided some interesting routechoiches as well as some very technical orienteering close to the end when the climb had already drained the runners’energy.
    The rainstorm was not enough to take away from me the pure joy of orienteering in such a great forest.

    POM would be a nice prize

  58. Wolfgang Pötsch

    I also want to add some suggestions:

    1) Austrian Night Champs, flat forest with many parallel situations, many runners had problems
    on Men Elites Course

    2. BBO Cup, July in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia – race in Spania Dolina, long legs – route choices – openarea, forest and village

    3.and 4. Monopoli and Bari – two days of 5 days of southern Italy tricky narrow streets

    5. Longdistance race 5 days of Istanbul, tough terrain, nice route choices

    you can find JEG on my facebook side


    6. Worldmasters Brazil

    Fascinating long final with long route choice – for me Brazil should be present also at worldofo


    Also the sprint course in Parque de Caracol, fascinating sprint area with view from the start to waterfalls


    From Brazil watch the M35 A Final courses

    • Thanks for the suggestions – there were some great ones there that I have seen earlier and forgotten. Especially the Silva League and the Nationale NE looks like very interesting courses and terrains.

  59. Hi Jan
    I think you should add the Wolrdcup Final sprint races to the list to be voted about. This year’s edition (one again) in Liestal offered challenging sprint courses all the way from the start to the last control, hardly any time for the runners to read more than one leg ahead (if at all).
    Women http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20141005_WCF_Spr_W_w/
    Men http://www.tulospalvelu.fi/gps/20141005_WCF_Spr_W_w/


  60. 1) in my opinion the best course I run this year was Blodslited

    2) the best course I set this year was the 2nd stage of 5 Days of Italy sprint in Levico Terme. Maps here:

    and here:

    3) the overall best course I have seen in 2014 was of course the First WOC Sprint Relay in my home town Trento. The teams were very close and it was a good mix of high pace and careful mapreading for some interesting routechoice!


    I like Andalucia O-Meeting 2015 or NAOM :)

  61. 2 day of Kvarken Orienteering Festival, july, near Vaasa in Finland.
    One of the most challenging and nicest terrain and course I ran this year.

    Andalucia O-Meeting or Orievents / NAOM 2015

  62. The best courses I run this year were Alpe Adria relay and middle, the terrain was tricky and very challenging
    I also liked the WOC relay in Campomulo,the terrain was technical and the strongest teams were close to each other and was exciting to see

  63. The best course I setted this year not in the best map but I tried to take the best out of it and received great feedback from the runners.