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WOC Relay 2016: Maps and Results

Gold for Norway in the Men’s class and Russia in the Women’s class in the Men’s World Orienteering Championships (WOC) relay today. 

While Norway won a clear victory in the men’s class, the battle for the medals was very tight in the women’s class.

Men: Norway from the start

Norway won a clear victory in the Men’s World Orienteering Championships (WOC) relay ahead of Switzerland and Sweden. Norway’s Carl Godager Kaas took Norway into a clear lead already at the 2nd control of the first leg – and from there and on it Norway alone in the front.

Switzerland was pushing hard behind Norway – but never managed to get closer than 33 seconds at the 3rd control of the last leg. Olav Lundanes ran an excellent 2nd leg for Norway and Magne Dæhli finished perfectly, keeping Switzerland’s Matthias Kyburz behind.

Here is the decision point on the first leg where Norway and Switzerland got away from the pack at the first leg – pre-favourites Sweden and France making big mistakes.


Women: Tight finish between Russia, Denmark and Finland

In the women’s class the battle for victory was very close, with 6 teams in the fight for the medals at the start of the last leg. Finland and Russia started together, around 1:30 ahead of Norway with Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden not far behind. Norway, Switzerland and Sweden did big mistakes already at the first three controls and where out of the fight. At the arena passage Finland’s Merja Rantanen was in the lead just ahead of Russia’s Natalia Gemperle with Denmark’s Maja Alm one minute behind.

In the last loop Russia was strongest, while Denmark exploited a small mistake by Finland and celebrated the silver medal as gold.

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WOC Relay 2016 Women Leg 3

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