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World Cup Norway 2018 Long: Maps, Results and Quick Analysis

Double for Sweden: Tove Alexandersson (SWE) won the women’s class 3:29 ahead of Kamilla Olaussen (NOR) with Karolin Ohlsson (SWE) in 3rd at 4:41. Gustav Bergman (SWE) won the men’s class 35 seconds ahead of Olav Lundanes (NOR) with Matthias Kyburz (SUI) in 3rd at 3:34. 

The World Cup races in Norway this autumn are Pre-WOC for WOC 2019 which is organized in the same area.

Men: Bergman’s first World Cup victory

Olav Lundanes took the lead from the start, but from control 4 the Norwegian World Champion over the Long distance from Latvia a few weeks ago started to do some small mistakes while Gustav Bergman run with incredible speed, and Gustav Bergman could build up a 2 minute lead ahead of the long routechoice leg to control 10. Bergman loses more than a minute on this leg, but it was not enough for Lundanes to catch him up. The rest of the field 4 minutes or more in the first part of the course, and could never come up to Bergman.


Here you can see how Bergman (blue color) took the wrong route at the long leg by running straight. The fastest route here is clearly to run left, using the road. Kuburz runs this leg on 4:48 min/km while Bergman is up in 5:37 min/km, losing 1:23 to Kyburz and 1:17 to Lundanes.


Women: Alexandersson on top again

Tove Alexandersson was again in a separate class, being faster than the rest on many of the decisive legs. The race development was very similar to the men’s class in that Alexandersson gains time on every leg before the long leg (to control 6 in the women’s race), and loses more than a minute on the long leg. However, Alexandersson was also extremely strong in the end, increasing her lead.

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Maps and course

GPS-tracking from the race is available here. See maps below.






1. Gustav Bergman SWE 77:36 (+0:00)
2. Olav Lundanes NOR 78:11 (+0:35)
3. Matthias Kyburz SUI 81:10 (+3:34)
4. Emil Svensk SWE 82:13 (+4:37)
5. Albin Ridefelt SWE 82:24 (+4:48)
6. Magne Daehli NOR 83:37 (+6:01)
7. Ruslan Glibov UKR 83:45 (+6:09)
8. Eskil Kinneberg NOR 84:07 (+6:31)
9. Daniel Hubmann SUI 84:15 (+6:39)
10. Lucas Basset FRA 84:26 (+6:50)
11. Frederic Tranchand FRA 84:39 (+7:03)
12. Johan Runesson SWE 84:40 (+7:04)
13. William Lind SWE 85:17 (+7:41)
14. Martin Regborn SWE 85:20 (+7:44)
15. Jonas Egger SUI 85:38 (+8:02)


1. Tove Alexandersson SWE 64:33 (+0:00)
2. Kamilla Olaussen NOR 68:02 (+3:29)
3. Karolin Ohlsson SWE 69:14 (+4:41)
4. Marianne Andersen NOR 69:25 (+4:52)
5. Marika Teini FIN 69:47 (+5:14)
6. Lina Strand SWE 71:12 (+6:39)
7. Sabine Hauswirth SUI 71:30 (+6:57)
8. Natalia Gemperle RUS 72:11 (+7:38)
9. Lisa Risby SWE 72:45 (+8:12)
10. Tatyana Riabkina RUS 72:50 (+8:17)
11. Sari Anttonen FIN 73:28 (+8:55)
12. Silje Ekroll Jahren NOR 73:30 (+8:57)
13. Marie Olaussen NOR 73:51 (+9:18)
14. Yulia Novikova RUS 73:59 (+9:26)
15. Denisa Kosova CZE 74:26 (+9:53)


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