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Pre-WOC 2018 Norway: All You Need To Know


[LIVE speaker/results/GPS from Long Friday August 31st at 09:30 CET, Prologue Saturday 09:00 CET. LIVE webTV from Chasing-start Saturday 17:00 CET, Relay Sunday 09:15 CET] The 3rd World Cup round of 2018 is the Pre-WOC in the Norwegian Østfold-region – a perfect way for the athletes to prepare for the big happening at the World Orienteering Championships in the same region next August.

The World Cup round consists of two individual races and one forest relay. As for next year’s World Orienteering Championships, there are only forest races at this World Cup round. The weekend opens with a shortened long distance on Friday (winning time 65/80 minutes), continues with a prologue Saturday morning followed with a Chase start in the afternoon, and finally a relay on Sunday. The Chase start is a new experiment in the World Cup, based on Norway’s long-term work to eventually get a Chase start included in the WOC. Both athletes, trainers and officials are very interested in seeing how this Chase start concept works in practice. There is a big startfield with around 115 men and 100 women who will get the chance to take it for a spin.

The Chase start is a new experiment in the World Cup, based on Norway’s long-term work to eventually get a Chase start included in the WOC.

The Pre-WOC is the second last World Cup round of the year, with the last World Cup round being organized in Czech Republic the first October weekend. The overall World Cup leaders ahead of the Pre-WOC are Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) with a 97 point lead to Natalia Gemperle (Russia) in the women’s class and Daniel Hubmann (Switzerland) with a 12 point lead to team colleague Matthias Kyburz.

Update about live services: You might have some trouble watching the GPS tracking:

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Detailed program

  • Friday August 31st: Long
    • 09:30 Start Long
    • 13:06 Start last woman
    • 13:33 Start last man
    • 14:05 Last woman finished – race decided
    • 15:00 Last man finished – race decided
  • Saturday September 1st: Prologue + Chase
    • 09:00 Start Prologue
    • 17:00 Start Chase start women
    • 17:47: Winner Women finished
    • 18:00 Start Chase start men
    • 18:47 Winner men finished
  • Sunday September 2nd: Relay
    • 9:15 Start relay women
    • 11:10 Finished relay women
    • 11:20 Start relay men
    • 13:20 Finished relay men

World Cup standings


See full World Cup standings

Race details


Note that there is a combination of 2 and 3 minutes start interval


Chase start

The time each competitor starts after the leader in the pursuit race will be double the amount of time they were behind the leader in the prologue, with final results being the order across the finish line.


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  1. Again, GPS does not work. Happens EVERY time. Why is there no testing before the events? Are there no transfer of knowledge between organizers?
    Why do they use TracTrac? Everybody knows it does not work for live tracking (neither do Loggator nor Livelox).
    The only usable solution is GPS Seuranta…

  2. … and then we lost finish video and audio …

  3. Most boring tv-production ever?

  4. I’m grumpy old man, no doubt about it. But, Gustav Bergman not wining today’s race is denying basic principles of our sport. Leading navigation most of the race for all the group, to be outsprinted in the run in. This is so wrong. Chasing start like this has no place in orienteering.