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Interview: Denisa Kosova about the best orienteering courses of 2019!


– A long run through the Scandinavian forest, only few controls and a deep experience, is Denisa Kosova’s description of her favourite orienteering course in 2019. Read more about Kosova’s experiences in the forest the last year further down.

Denisa Kosova is a Czech orienteer who is knocking on the door to the absolute World Elite. Kosova has had a great season with her best WOC result ever at this year’s World Championships Middle (8th place) and best World Cup result this autumn in Switzerland (6th place at Middle). Currently placed 14th in the World Ranking, Kosova is ready to climb even further up on the results lists when improving her physical shape a few notches, as her goal is for the next season. And remember, at the next forest World Orienteering Championships in 2021 she will be racing on home ground …

This interview is part of the “Course of the Year 2019″ contest organized by World of O. In the introduction article you can suggest YOUR favourite course for “Course of the Year 2019″ – there are prizes to be won worth more than 6000 Euro.

Interview Denisa Kosova

Q: What was the best forest course you run in 2019- and why?

The best forest course I ran was the Long selection race in Norway in July which was organized by Halden SK. I never ran a course like this, it was really atypical for us. A long run through the Scandinavian forest, only few controls and a deep experience.

– I never ran a course like this, it was really atypical for us

We expected that WOC long distance would be more like this… [Editors comment: This was obviously a really special event – this was also the favourite race, although the men’s course of course, of Lucas Basset in yesterday’s interview, and also pinpointing the difference to WOC Long]

2019 WOC Selection Long D21E World

» See map in omaps.worldofo.com

Q: What was the best sprint course you run in 2019- and why?

After a lot of considerations, it was still the World Cup sprint in China. This year I ran just a few sprint races, nothing special, nothing more interesting (although the MOC training camp was also interesting)… In my opinion, for sprint it is a question of where to draw the line between a good course and a nice terrain. Without nice terrain, it is hard to set a technically demanding course.


And here the first part of the course:

Q: What was the most interesting terrain you raced in in 2019?

The most interesting terrain was “Jakuszyce”. This is my favourite terrain ever!

The place and terrain is beautiful – lots of smaller and bigger marches, blueberries higher than your legs, stones, rocks and so on

We ran the Polish selection races for WOC there (and many other competitions in previous years, because it is a huge piece of forest). The place and terrain is beautiful – lots of smaller and bigger marches, blueberries higher than your legs, stones, rocks and so on. It looks quite easy from the map, but if you visit it, you’ll be surprised! We can say it’s the closest scandinavian terrain to Czech republic..

Here is the course from the Polish selection race:


Here is the course from training camp in the same area:


Q: What was the most interesting course you ran in Czech Republic in 2019?

This I know immediately! It was the Czech champs Long. A tough and demanding course with a lot of interesting routechoices, many details and nice mountain forest! 87 minutes of hard job – our expected winning time was 70 minutes…



All international runners will probably enjoy this experience, because it is relevant to WOC 2021, but first everybody must wait until a cougar which lives there is captured.  [Editors comment: Below are some of the interesting legs on this course].




Q: And what about the most interesting routechoice?

That is also from the Czech long championships, to control number 7.


Nothing extremely long, but I didn’t see the right choice and I was surprised in the finish. I lost almost 3 minutes (I lost around 1 minute in the second part just by execution). [Editors comment: We have chosen this leg for today’s Route to Christmas – head over and test yourself on the leg!]

Q: What was the best course you set yourself in 2019?

It was just a training for my Czech club, but in one of the best terrains, which is close to our new house :)

Kalich_my course_01

[Editors comment: And a few of the legs. The first one is both without options (select your choice) and then with a few options to choose from.]

Q: What is the race you look most forward to in 2020?

Good question. I can say – Euromeeting long/middle and O-Ringen. My heart still belongs to forest orienteering, but it can change during the season, it depends on the current shape…

Q: What are your goals for next year?

I would like to attack TOP 6 again in the World Cup or EOC, and improve my physical shape. Of course, I hope I can be part of the sprint relay team for WOC 2020 in Denmark.

Q: Thanks a lot for your answers, Denisa! Great to see some nice Czech maps again.

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