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World Cup Idre Relay: Maps, Results and GPSanimations


The tricky Idre mountain terrain gave another set of very exciting competitions when World Cup relays were decided today. The Swedish runners dominated the race, with victories in both the men’s and women’s class, and several teams battling for the victory throughout the relay in both the men’s and women’s races. 

In the men’s race Sweden’s first team won a small second ahead of Norway’s first team – after a very tight battle on the last leg where Norway’s anchor Kasper Fosser caught second by second on Sweden’s anchor Gustav Bergman in the last part of the course – with Switzerland finishing third. Before that, the lead had changed numerous times, with both Bergman and Fosser (and most others) doing large mistakes on the way. The below GPS animation takes you through what happened on the men’s last leg from start to finish.

In the women’s class there was larger spreading on the second leg, and thus the battle for victory was between only two teams – the Swedish first and second team with anchors Sara Hagström (Sweden 2) and Karolin Ohlsson (Sweden 1). With Hagström doing two mistakes and Ohlsson one mistake towards the end, the deciding factor was that Hagström’s mistakes were smaller – and came at a better time. Russia and Finland finished on the next places – with Russia taking the second place and Finland the third place in the World Cup where only one team from each nation counts. The below GPS animation takes you through what happened on the women’s last leg.

Maps and GPS-tracking

The men’s map for the two first legs is shown on the top of the page, whereas the women’s last leg  is shown below. For full GPS-tracking and courses from all legs, see the GPS-tracking links on the GPS-provider TracTrac’s webpages.

course (17)


Men (World Cup)

1 Sweden
2 Norway
3 Switzerland
4 Finland
5 Estonia
6 Denmark

Women (World Cup)

1 Sweden
2 Russia
3 Finland
4 Czech republic
5 Norway
6 Switzerland

Only the best team from each nation counts in the World Cup.

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