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Jan Kocbach is the founder of WorldofO.com - taking care of everything from site development to writing articles, photography and analysis.

Route to Christmas: Day 16 2019


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is a long leg from the Swiss Championships Long distance. Already early in the race the runners were met by a 2.5 km long leg in a very hilly terrain with some big valleys and many roads and paths. As always in this kind of ...

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Course of the Year 2019: Last chance to vote!


Did you check out all the great courses nominated for “Course of the Year 2019″? Tomorrow is the last chance to vote – below are the courses which are in the Top 15 so far, arbitrary sorted.  Still not devlivered your vote? Do so here: Vote for Course of the Year ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 15 2019


Today we travel to wonderful alpine terrain between 1400 and 2000 masl. in the Austrian Alsp. The chosen leg is leg number 9 in the M21 course from the Austrian Long distance championships, organized as part of Zirbenland Open. Thanks to Axel Koppert for the tip, and for providing some ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 14 2019


Ready for a 4 km long leg. At night? Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is leg 4 in the M21 course from the final of Harry Lagerts night orienteering cup – a traditional night orienteering competition in the Oslo-area in Norway. If you dare to start in this race, you ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 13 2019


In today’s Route to Christmas we travel to Estonia and the Baltic Championships Long distance, organized in the WOC 2017 long distance terrain. This race was organized in spring time, with the runnability being much better than at WOC in the middle of summer. Thanks a lot to Tõnis Laugesaar ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 12 2019


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is a long, special leg from a traditional night-orienteering series in Jyväskylä, Finland (since 1998). The race is JNC Kurko – and the leg is the 6th leg, a really long one, with lots of options.  Thanks to Arttu Syrjäläinen for the tip! Arttu writes the ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 11 2019


Today’s edition of Route to Christmas to Christmas travels to Spain where we study a 2600 meter long leg in hilly terrain. – I was struggling to decide where is fastest to move through the terrain, Ivan Sirakov comments in his Doma archive. Paths and roads are thus a tempting ...

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Vote for Course of the Year 2019 Now!


Set up your personal Top 5 List from the nominated maps – and win prizes from our sponsors! The nominated maps have been chosen based on submissions from the WorldofO.com readers and some of the worlds top orienteers through the last weeks. Now YOU can choose “The Course of the Year ...

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Interview Lina Strand about Course of the Year 2019


–  It started with a short leg uphill, where you directly could feel the roughness of the terrain and feel that it would be a long and tough day at work, Lina Strand explains about her favourite forest course in 2019. Long legs with interesting routechoices interspersed with some tricky shorter legs ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 10 2019


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is an interesting long leg in “broken” terrain at O-festivalen in Norway this summer. We have chosen a leg in the women’s class with several distinct options – including some tricky micro-routechoices. Thanks to Terje Mathisen for the tip – highly appreciated as always.  The tip ...

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