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Jan Kocbach

Jan Kocbach is the founder of WorldofO.com - taking care of everything from site development to writing articles, photography and analysis.

Route to Christmas: Day 6 2014


Todays we travel to a “Paradise of Rocks” – to Fontainebleau close to Paris. The leg in question is taken from a long distance training from second training weekend of the winter for the French Team. The leg chosen for Route to Christmas is the 4th leg in the mens ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 5 2014


Today we travel to Finland for a really tough long distance competition: The Finnish Championships long distance. Already to the second control the runners met the longest leg of the day – a more than 2 kilometer long leg in a hilly terrain with many routechoice options. The race was ...

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Who did the Orienteering Achievement of the Year 2014?


Suggest a nomination for the Orienteering Achievement of 2014 and win great prizes! Remember that we are not necessarily looking for the best orienteer/team of 2014 – but rather the best achievements. There is one class for men and one for women – juniors can also be suggested, the same ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 4 2014


Today we move to Portugal – and take a look at a long leg from the course placed 4th in the Course of the Year 2014 – the Mediterranean Championships Long, organized February 23rd 2014. The chosen leg is the 8th leg in the M21E course. There were several top ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 3 2014


Today: Long and complex from the “Long distance Course of the Year 2014″! In today’s edition of Route to Christmas we are travelling to Spain – to the World Cup race long distance for men. The men’s class in this race was unfortunately cancelled after some controls were removed before ...

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Course of the Year 2014: WOC Middle!


– Remember to let the runners have fun, is one of the key messages from the course setter of the “Course of the Year 2014″ to all aspiring course setters out there. And the winner course from the World Championships Middle distance in Asiago, Italy was definitely a course which ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 2 2014


Already on the second day of Route to Christmas 2014 we visit Czech Republic for a long leg in hilly terrain. Czech Republic is famous for its many interesting route choice legs on long distance courses – today’s leg in Route to Christmas is leg 11 in the M21 course ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 1 2014

The first day of Route to Christmas 2014 takes us to Norway – to one of the nominated courses for “Course of the Year 2014″ – the World Cup Long distance in Kongsberg. The chosen leg this time is the 16th leg in the men’s course – the most challenging ...

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Vote for Course of the Year 2014 now!


Set up your personal Top 5 List from the nominated maps – and win prizes from our sponsors! The nominated maps have been chosen based on submissions from the WorldofO.com readers and some of the worlds top orienteers through the last weeks. Now YOU can choose “The Course of the ...

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