JWOC Sprint 2019: Maps and Results


Aston Key (AUS) and Eline Gemperle (SUI) took the victories at the Junior World Championships Sprint in Denmark.  Key won 13 seconds ahead of Samuel Pihlstrom (SWE) with Guilhem Elias (FRA) in 3rd at 0:14. In the women’s class Gemperle won only 3 seconds ahead of Tilda Ostberg (SWE) with Grace ...

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EYOC 2019: Maps and Results


Finland won the overall team competition at this years’ European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) after winning three of the four relays. The Finnish team had to travel back home without individual gold medals this year, though – with runners from Czech Republic (3 gold), Hungary (2 gold) and Germany, Poland and Denmark winning ...

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Jukola 2019: Stora Tuna takes surprise victory!


[Updated with links to maps and full GPS-tracking] Stora Tuna (Sweden) took the victory in the 2019-edition of Jukula after a strong last leg by Emil Svensk. Stora Tuna was a surprise victory with their very young team. Actually more than half of the team are brothers: Emil, Joakim, Viktor ...

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Venla 2019: Fredrikstad takes the victory!


Norway’s Fredrikstad SK took the victory in the 2019 edition of the Venla relay after a strong leg by Kamilla Olaussen on the last leg. IFK Göteborg went out onto the last leg in the lead, but after first a bad routechoice and later a quite big mistake, IFK’s Sara ...

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Jukola 2019: All You Need To Know!


Jukola – the largest orienteering relay in the world is even larger this year – 21.500 is a record number of competitors for the men’s relay Jukola and the women’s relay Venla! Start of the Jukola relay is Saturday at 22:00 CET (23:00 local time). 9 hours earlier at 13:00 ...

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World Cup Finland 2019: Maps and Results


Swedish Double: Tove Alexandersson and Gustav Bergman won both Saturday’s Middle distance and Sunday’s Long distance in the first round of the 2019 Orienteering World Cup in Finland this weekend. with clear victories in Saturday’s Middle distance, they both managed to keep the chasing runners on In Saturday’s Middle distance, ...

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World Cup Round 1 2019 – Finland: All You Need To Know


The 2019 Orienteering World Cup starts off with three races in Finland just one week before the Jukola/Venla relay: A Middle distance race on Saturday June 8th, a Long distance pursuit race on Sunday June 9th and a Sprint Relay on Tuesday June 11th. All 3 competitions will be covered ...

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10Mila 2019: All You Need To Know!


Ready for 10Mila again – the real start of the 2019-season for many! Spectators both at home and on the arena in Sweden can expect highly entertaining competitions – read on for all you need to know about the 2019-edition of 10Mila. This year 10Mila is organized in the southern part ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 24 2018


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is a long leg in Swiss alpine terrain – leg 5 in the M21 course from Swiss Champs Long distance. Thanks to Julian Bleiker and Peter Clerici for the tip. The leg is as usually first provided without routes – you may take a ...

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Route to Christmas: Day 23 2018


Today’s leg in Route to Christmas is an interesting sprint leg from Euromeeting in Denmark in September. With the first ever Sprint WOC coming up in Denmark in 2020, there was big interest for the sprint-focused Euromeeting this year, with many top runners on the start. Thanks to Johan Aagaard for the ...

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