Pre-WOC 2018 Norway: All You Need To Know


[LIVE speaker/results/GPS from Long Friday August 31st at 09:30 CET, Prologue Saturday 09:00 CET. LIVE webTV from Chasing-start Saturday 17:00 CET, Relay Sunday 09:15 CET] The 3rd World Cup round of 2018 is the Pre-WOC in the Norwegian Østfold-region – a perfect way for the athletes to prepare for the ...

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WOC 2018 Long Men: BIG GPS Analysis Leg by Leg

img_1 (3)

Here we study all the details of one of the most important orienteering races of the year: The World Orienteering Championships Long distance. Some of the questions we attempt to answer: Why did Lundanes win ahead of Glibov and Hertner, which legs where decisive, which routes where the best, and why. ...

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WOC 2018 Long Women: GPS Analysis


Read on for a leg-by-leg analysis of the Women’s WOC 2018 Long. A nice course with several interesting routechoice legs was offered. As usual, execution of the route was often more important than the choice of route, but compared to many earlier championships the actual choice of route was crucial ...

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WOC 2018 Long: Maps, Results & Analysis


[Article updated with GPS-illustrations] Olav Lundanes (Norway) and Tove Alexandersson (Sweden) won the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) 2018 Long distance after exciting races on interesting courses. The courses offered several interesting, longer routechoice legs – and also some intricate orienteering in the dense forest with low visibility. Both Lundanes and ...

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WOC 2018 Women Long Course Preview

leg_16_.png (1)

A great course at #WOC2018 Long with many routechoice legs – even making the choices behind the computer is stressful. The WOC 2018 Long distance has just started, with GPS-tracking live via IOF Live center. Here we take a look at the course ahead of the race. Before you read ...

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WOC 2018 Long: Race Preview – webTV LIVE from 11:00 CET


[First start #WOC2018 Long 10:14 CET. Last Woman starts 12:30. Women decision 13:50. Last Man starts 15:10. Men decision 16:50] Get ready for a long and exciting day following the classic discipline of orienteering – the Long distance – the race for real men and real women. The men head out ...

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WOC 2018 Relay: Maps and Results


Switzerland won the women’s relay and Norway the men’s after two very exciting races. The terrain offered very interesting orienteering were many top teams struggled both with mistakes on controls and routechoice misses. In the women’s race Switzerland and Sweden ran head to head through the last leg, with two ...

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