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Hanny Allston: Junior of 2006

Australian Hanny Allston was not surprisingly voted as a very clear number one in the “Junior of 2006″ category in the “Best of Orienteering 2006″ poll staged by the two major source for international orienteering news – the website World of O and the magazine Orienteering Today. With 727 votes, Allston got more than three times as many votes as Russian Taniana Kozlova. With a Gold medal from the Sprint distance in the World Orienteering Championships, a Gold medal from the Long distance in the Junior World Championships in Lithuania, and a JWOC Silver medal in Sprint – Allston did not give much chance for her contenders.

Third in the “Junior of 2006″ category was the Danish Søren Bobach. Thus, also in the junior category there were two women on top, with the best man in the third place.

Achievement of the year 2006 Junior of the year 2006
1. Simone Niggli (434 votes) Hanny Allston (727 votes)
2. Hanny Allston (409 votes) Tatiana Kozlova (172 votes)
3. Jani Lakanen (185 votes) Søren Bobach (112 votes)
4. Thierry Gueorgiou (153 votes) Olav Lundanes (82 votes)
5. Holger Hott Johansen (95 votes) Signe Klinting (66 votes)
6. Valentin Novikov (86 votes) Ingunn Hultgreen Weltzien (61 votes)

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