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Poll 2006: Lucky winners

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Thank to the sponsors who were Virkiä Jukola 2007 in Finland, Martin Kronlund Trophy in Spain, Orienteering Today, Lucie Navarová and her Jukola 2006 calendar and the Vavrys company, WorldofO and Orienteering Today were able to draw lucky winners among those who voted in the Poll 2006.

Here is the list of the “lucky ones”:

1. Jukola 2007 entry Jeroen Hoekx
2. OT subscription Fabrice XXX (email: sprinticolmar#yahoo.fr)
3. OT subscription Jens Behrend
4. Vavrys gift Martin Schwarz
5. Vavrys gift Ivan Forsgren
6. Vavrys gift Simon Denier
7. Vavrys gift Bjørn Hauge
8. Vavrys gift Fabrizio (email: fababa#libero.it)
9. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Trygve Tømta
10. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Andreas
11. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Patricia Corby
12. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Jon Sjöholm
13. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Bridget Anderson
14. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Herkules Damokles
15. Martin Kronlund entry + Jukola calendar Per Frost

The prizes to the winners will be delivered by post. The winners shall claim their prizes at jan@sportoftoday.com. The entries to the Martin Kronlund trophy and Jukola 2007 are transitional. However, the person who has won them shall indicate, in an email sent to the address jan@sportoftoday.com, name of the person who will claim the entry. This person shall claim the entry at the email address jan@sportoftoday.com.

Introduction of the sponsors:

Vavrys company: Producer of top elite orienteering clothing, shoes, gaters and other equipment, which is sold world-wide.

Virkiä Jukola 2007 in Finland: world’s best and biggest orienteering club relay, which will be held in exciting terrains around Lapua this year on 16th and 17th June.

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Martin Kronlund Trophy in Spain: an international Orienteering event in Spain with the greatest tradition. This year it will be held in terrain around Peguerinos 80 km northwest of Madrid at the weekend of 10th – 11th March.

Orienteering Today: The world’s only international orienteering magazine covering Orienteering in all its forms, whereever it is done. The magazine was reorganized last year and is now published in Norway.

Jukola 2006 calendar: Lucie Navarová is the photographer of Orienteering Today and the photos in this calender for the year 2007 feature the highlights of the 2006 Jukola in Salo as seen through the lens of her camera.

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