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10Mila live on Norwegian TV

The new norwegian TV channel TV2 SPORT today announced that they will transmit 10Mila live. – 10 hours, 10 orienteers on every team, is the message from the big boss in the sport department of TV2 – Bjørn Taalesen. – When we get a separate TV channel for sport, there are possibilites for some experimenting, Taalesen said at the press conference today.

pressekonferans_s.jpgTV2 – the owner of TV2 SPORT – is the channel that had high flying plans for a fantastic live transmission from this years second world cup event in Hovden, as you could read about in a previous article at World of O, “Live TV with 14 cameras and Micro” – but ditched the plans. Thus, TV2 is also one of the main reasons for the micr-o experiment in Norwegian and international orienteering. Some orienteers had hoped that micr-o would slowly die when TV2 lost interest for orienteering – but this announcement by TV2 SPORT shows that orienteering still has a future at TV2 – and thus the fight around micr-o (and now also macr-o) will continue.

Photos: Press release from the Norwegian Orienteering Federation

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