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Gueorgiou’s story – Part I

– One second mistake is still not good enough! This is what lies at the bottom of Thierry Gueorgiou’s orienteering philosophy – which he shared with the participants at the Norwegian O-Gala in the middle of November. Based on Gueorgiou’s two long presentations at the O-Gala, World of O presents ...

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Norwegian Orienteering Thriller: Blodføre

Have you ever read a Thriller about an orienteering race? Neither had I, until I read the book “Blodføre” by Eskil Åsmul – which was recently published on Forlaget Press. Actually, the word orienteering is not mentioned a single time in the book, but any orienteer will recognize the strange ...

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Routegadget-creator honored

Finnish Orienteering Gala: Creator of Routegadget – Jarkko Ryyppö – was last weekend given the prize “Orienteering person of the year” for his work on the orienteering route choice program Routegadget. It is very good to see that Ryyppö gets his well deserved honor for his inspiring work that has ...

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– We must learn to see the field in 3D

The English translation through Google of an interview with Thierry Gueorgiou in the French magazine Forez is absolutely worth a read. Focus is a bit different than in the “usual” interviews in orienteering magazines. For example, – “We must learn to see the field in 3D. It is not clear ...

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