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10MILA 2010 Live: Your Options!

10mila_2010_logoWebTV will put you back SEK 60,-. GPS-tracking only available through WebTV. LiveBlog at WorldofO.com will give you all updates throughout the night though – and the live speaker and live results are also available free on the 10Mila webpage.

My best tip: Combine the LiveBlog with the WebTV feed. Last year’s 10Mila was a fun experience on the LiveBlog – all through the night. You’ll get polls during the race, expert commentary, help with your technical problems, and all you need to be on top on what is happening in the Swedish forest.

I am a bit disappointed that there is no GPS tracking on the 1st leg in either of the relays – but it is probably a fairness issue. The 1st leg with GPS tracking a few years ago was great entertainment.

Key information – 10Mila 2010

Women’s relay

Leg Gaffling Length Time Start End GPS-tracking?
1 Gaffled 6.2 km 43 min 15:00 15:43 No GPS-tracking
2 Gaffled 7.3 km 50 min 15:43 16:32 No GPS-tracking
3 Not gaffled 4.0 km 27 min 16:32 16:59 No GPS-tracking
4 Gaffled 7.3 km 47 min 16:59 17:46 GPS-tracking
5 Gaffled 10.1/6.1 km 63/38 min 17:46 18:49 GPS-tracking

Men’s relay

Leg Gaffling Day/Night Length Time Start End GPS-tracking?
1 Gaffled Night 9.1 km 55 min 22:00 22:55 No GPS-tracking
2 Gaffled Night 12.2 km 73 min 22:55 00:08 No GPS-tracking
3 Not gaffled Night 16.8 km 103 min 00:08 01:51 GPS-tracking
4 Gaffled Night 8.8 km 52 min 01:51 02:43 No GPS-tracking
5 Gaffled Night 12.2 km 71 min 02:43 03:54 GPS-tracking
6 Not gaffled Night/Day 6.1 km 32 min 03:54 04:26 No GPS-tracking
7 Gaffled Night/Day 5.8 km 31 min 04:26 04:57 GPS-tracking
8 Gaffled Day 11.2 km 59 min 04:57 05:57 GPS-tracking
9 Gaffled Day 11.2 km 59 min 05:57 06:56 GPS-tracking
10 Gaffled Day 17.0/12.0 km 89/65 min 06:56 08:25 GPS-tracking

See also:

10MILA 2010 LiveBlog

Below you can access the 10MILA 2010 LiveBlog (sorry about the ads – not possible to remove them unfortunately). If you are interested in being part of the LiveBlog team for a few hours (or all of the night) – moderating comments, uploading pictures and getting your comments published directly on the LiveBlog, please send an email to jan@kocbach.net saying a few words about yourself. It is a long night – so it is good to be a good team!

If you are on a mobile phone on site, you can follow the LiveBlog using the mobile version of the LiveBlog. For LiveBloggers on site with an Iphone, there is an even better solution: an Iphone App from which you can contribute directly to the LiveBlog (only for those in the LiveBlog team – but we’ve got space for up to 20 people).

Poll – womens class

Poll – mens class

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